Cell Phone Usage In The Classroom

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Cell Phone Usage in the Classroom

Khaleid Codrington
Introduction to Sociology
Professor Baber
December 20, 2013

Most college students use cell phones. Some use them in class. College takes an incredible amount of commitment in order to be successful. When cell phones are used in class, there is a possibility of them being a distraction to those who are trying to put their best foot forward and end the term successful. Cell phones are most certainly a distraction in the classroom setting. This topic appeals to me because I was able to find a great deal of information on why cell phones are a disturbance to college ...view middle of the document...

The Taylor and Francis Group have done extensive research on why cell phones aren’t apart of class room etiquette and why they hinder students ability to study productively in during class.

Journal Reviews
I reviewed two different articles found through the Taylor & Francis Group about cell phone usage in class and the barrier it creates for the professor in terms of attention and the learning experience of the students. There were several ideas backed by facts found through analytical studies performed in real classrooms with real students in all three of the journal articles. I found the results intriguing as well as thought provoking because they proved that students have a much better chance of doing well in a course if cell phones were not used during lectures.
In the first study, 71 students were divided up unevenly into a two classrooms. One classroom with a disrupting a cell phone, and the other classroom without. “Researchers randomly assigned 32 (12 men, 20 women) participants to the ringing condition and 39(11 men, 28 women) participants to the non ringing condition. After obtaining informed consent, researchers informed participants that they would watch an educational video, during which they would take notes as they would complete an eight-item multiple choice comprehension test without notes. To ensure that participants approached the task in a serious and motivated manner, researchers informed participants that those who scored highest on the test would be eligible to win a gift certificate to a local restaurant.”(Wetterau 2010:55-57).
In comparison, the classroom with the disruptive cell phone was documented as performing worse than the other. The controlled classroom (without disruptive cell phone) was found to perform at an 87.5% average on an exam given during the study. Simultaneously, the ringing classroom had an average of 59.5% which is significantly lower.
The second study was similar. Students were split up into three sections. One room without cell phone use, another room where cell phone usage was moderate, and a separate room with a high amount of cell phone use. “The goal of this study was to test whether or not texting/posting during a class negatively impacts students' note taking and subsequent performance on tests. Literature indicates that many students use their mobile phones, while in class, to send or receive text messages and post/respond to SNS content. Some studies show that over 60% of teens with mobile phones have texted while in class. Previous research exploring laptop use during class lecture found a strong, negative correlation between student use of instant messaging services and quiz averages, project grades, and final exam grades. Previous research has also observed that frequent texting during class influenced students' ability to attend to material being covered...

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