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Cell Phone And Its Harmful Impact On Human

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Impact of Cell Phone’s Radio Frequency in Children
Herzing University
Saugat Basnet

The development and use of mobile device services in the last decade have hugely increased the amount of radiofrequency electromagnetic wave (RF-EMW). High exposures towards radio frequency (RF) in our daily lives have raised concerns regarding the harmful effects on human health especially on children. Children with cell phone exposure have higher odds of migraines and headache-related symptoms than the one with no exposure. A great deal of scientific and public interest have focused on radio frequencies that alter the brain, somatic and germinal cells in children. Children should be very careful and ...view middle of the document...

Children are more susceptible to potential effects of the radio frequency due to their developing cells of their brain and possibly wouldn’t have enough immune capacity in comparison to adults. So, their immune can’t fight against high radio frequency waves that have been around due to high contact of cell phones. As cell phones are typically positioned close to the head during use, particularly the ear, their effect on the occurrence of an auditory function is interesting. Though in a study done by Sudan, Kheifets, Arah, Olsen, in 2013 in 52,680 children, a weak association is observed in the association between the cell phone and hearing loss. (Sudan, Kheifets, Arah, Oslen, 2013, Pg. 247-257). It has also been reported that mobile devices’ radiation alters the plasma protein of the eyes. Electromagnetic (EM) radiation produced during the production of radio frequency causes the increase in the level of protein structural alteration in eye; this increase leads to significant disorders of function and structure of some cells (Eid, Zeid, Hanafi and Dahshan, 2013, Pg. 573-593). As we know the mental part of the body is not excusable part of the body, it has to be protected very highly. Children who have a high rate of developing mental parts should be aware of the radio frequencies.
Radio frequency is carcinogenic. The Radio frequency emitted by mobile devices is deposited on the layers of skin. Radio frequency stimulates the cells to multiply causing cancers to the internal and deep parts of the body. And in the western countries, the chances are high because of the high technological development and have the high density of radio frequency. In a study done by Poulsen, Friis, Johansen, Frie, Kjaer, Dalton, Schuz in 2013, the radio frequency electromagnetic field from the mobile phone held to the head penetrates very deep into the brain stimulating the cancer cells and in case of children, the cells grab the radio frequency so quick and there is high chance of cancer in later part of the life. Carcinogenic effects associated with use of mobile phones have addressed mainly intracranial tumors and focus on other tumor types has been limited, although much of the energy emitted from mobile phones is deposited in the skin and underlying tissue. In western countries, skin cancer in the most common malignancy and the incidence is increasing. Natural or artificial ultraviolet radiation is the major risk factor for melanoma and for non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC), which includes basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) (Poulsen, Friis, Johansen, Frie, Kjaer, Dalton, Schuz, 2013).
The regular use of cell phone impacts the human semen. It alters the reproductive or germinal cells. According to the Agarwal, Desai, Makker, Varghese, Mauradi, Sabanegh, Sharma in an article in 2009 (Pg. 1318-1325),...

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