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Cell Analogy Project Essay

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Cell Analogy Project

-A plasma membrane is to a cell as border patrol is to a city.
-Just as a plasma membrane acts as a selective barrier that allows only certain products in and out of the cell, border patrol decides who and what are allowed to come into the city.
-The plasma membrane is made of a double layer of phospholipids with various attached or embedded proteins, which allows it to act as a selective barrier for the cell.

-The nucleus is to a cell as city hall is to a city.
-Just as the nucleus of a cell contains the information and controls the activity of the cell, City hall contains all the information of a city and controls how the city is regulated.
-The nucleus is ...view middle of the document...

-Just as rough and smooth ER are places where products in the cell can be transported, roads and highways are places where goods can be transported in a city
-Rough ER manufactures and membranes and secretory products and is made up of a network of membranes with attached ribosomes, but the smooth ER is made up of a membrane network without attached ribosomes, and it synthesizes lipids, detoxifies drugs and stores and releases ions.

-The golgi bodies are to a cell as a post office is to a city.
-Just as the golgi bodies ship goods created by the ER to the rest of the cell, The post office ships goods throughout the city to certain people.
-The golgi bodies are stacks of flattened sacs, or cisternae, which are not physically connected, and they synthesize and send products of the ER to the other parts of the cell.

-Mitochondria are to the cell as a power plant is to a city.
-Just as the Mitochondria provide ATP for the cell to use as energy, the Power Plant of the city provides electricity for the city to use as energy.
The mitochondrion is a double membrane structure. The inner membrane (cristae) is where aerobic respiration takes place, and it generates ATP.

-Chloroplasts are to the cell, as a solar energy plant is to a city.
-Just as Chloroplasts use the sun’s energy to create energy in a cell, The solar energy plants use sunlight to create energy for the city.
-Chloroplasts are made up of a double membrane sac containing stacks of membrane sacs, and it is the site of photosynthesis.

-Granum is to the cell as the towers of a solar energy plant are to a city.
-Just as granum stack up to form part of the chloroplast, towers are made to form part of the solar energy plant.
-Stroma is to a cell, as solar panels in solar energy plants are to a city.
-Just as Stroma surrounds the granum to form chloroplasts, Solar panels surround towers to form solar energy plants.
-Together, Stroma and granum form chloroplasts in order to cause photosynthesis. Granum are made up of stacks of thykaloids and the stroma is a fluid that surrounds it.

-A cell wall is to the...

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