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Cdc And Information Systems Essay

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Introduction to IT
CDC and Information Systems
Karissa Keller
May 12, 2014

Section 1: Information Systems Overview 3
The CDC 3
Selection of Information System 3-4
Management Information Systems Office 4
Evaluating Surveillance Systems 4-5
Section 2: Information Systems Concepts (TBA) 5
Network Basics 5
Local Area Network and Wide Area Network: Description and Uses 5-6
CDC Network LAN or WAN 6
WI-FI and Telecommuting: Description and Issues 6-7
CDC: To Telecommute or Not 7-8
Section 3: Business Information Systems (TBA) 8
Defining MIS, TPS, DSS, and A.I. 8-10
CDC Using MIS 10
CDC Implementing TPS 10-11
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Joseph Mountin, its primary purpose was to “prevent Malaria from spreading across the nation” (History CDC, 2013). Today, CDC is at the forefront in conducting research and investigations that continue to provide information on the prevention and protection of diseases, disabilities, and injuries. CDC achieves its goals by: maintaining information systems that provide data from state and local health facilities and departments, the implementation of measures to decrease the leading causes of death and diseases, strengthening their surveillance systems, and ultimately the reformation of health policies (History CDC, 2013).
Selection of Information System
In the health care industry, information systems are becoming crucial tools and assets that improve the quality of health care as well as improving the delivery of health care services. Health information systems, or HISs, are being used to provide data about health information in order for health care professionals to make decisions that will promote better health for individuals, better quality of health care, and to improve the methods the way health care is delivered. CDC’s National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System is one of the major sources of population-wide healthcare data. NNDSS’s capability to analyze trends, perform comparisons of diseases within a community, and the ability to share data has become the most useful database (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014). NNDSS allows for data collection and sharing at all levels: “local, state, territorial, federal, and international” (NNDSS, 2014). The National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System is supported by a component that is key to NNDSS successfully performing its purpose, which is NEDSS. The National Electronic Disease Surveillance System, NEDSS, provides the information technology standards that are necessary for the data to be collected and shared amongst the 57 levels of reporting jurisdictions (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , n. d.).
Management Information Systems Office
At CDC, the Management Information Systems Office, MISO, has several responsibilities that provide support for the different information systems that the CDC use. MISO’s main job function is to “designs, develops, implements, supports, and evaluates enterprise business information systems for CDC’s administrative lines of business” (MISO, 2014). MISO is also responsible for the management of data repository at CDC. The data repository is the centralized source of health information as well as serving as the integration point for all information systems at CDC. Health informatics specialists also provide great support for the collection, standardization, and the sharing of health data.
Evaluating Surveillance Systems
Health informatics systems, such as the NNDSS, collect a wealth of data. Collecting this much information may make the information system to perform poorly. CDC has established a set of guidelines for...

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