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Assignment 005 Child and young person development
Task 1: Assessment Criteria 1.1
Table 1: Physical development
Age range | Description of the Stage | An example of how this impacts on another aspect of development |
0 – 3 months | Beings to interact and become more aware of surroundings. More confident in movements | If the child is not interacting to their surroundings it can affect their social skills as they won’t know their surroundings and who’s in it |
3 – 6 months | Stronger as the child can hold itself up for a short period of time without support .the Childs curiosity develops | It can affect their emotional skills as they can get annoyed and upset if they can’t keep themselves up for long |
6 – 9 months | Now can sit up with no support. More interactive with the others around it. becomes more mobile | Being interactive with others can affect their social skills as it ...view middle of the document...

| If they could not co-ordinate their skills it would affect their intellectual skills for they wouldn’t be able to do things like puzzles |
2 – 4 years | Can now process more complex tasks by using their manipulative skills. Controls movements more skilfully. Toilet training may begin | It can affect their social skills for if they weren’t toilet trained other children would make fun if they had an accident which would make them hesitant to approach them |
4 – 7 years | At this stage a child will discover their dominant hand (left or right). The child has more stamina and their gross motor skills have improved, skilful with manipulative abilities | If the child did not have a lot of stamina it could affect their social skills because they may not be able to keep up with the other children and get left behind |
7 – 12 years | Writing has improved, it is now clearer and the child will use cursive style of writing. More detail is put into pictures. Their manipulative skills have improved more but for some children other activities like tying shoes laces require more help. Puberty begins for girls at around 9, they may begin to menstruate around 10 or 11 | This could affect their emotional skills as it can lower self-esteem and make them feel uncomfortable and emotions would be all over the place |
12 – 16 years | Girls have finished the puberty process by 15 or 16 but for boys it only begins at 14,they take a growth spurt which makes them clumsy and poor spatial awareness. In the teenage years the brain keeps on developing | This could also affect emotional and social skills as they may feel awkward and weird and may want to distance themselves from others |
16 – 19 years | Puberty is in its final stages and by 19 girls will have stopped growing and physical changes will be noticeable. Boys will continue to grow until 21 | This would affect their emotional skills as they will be paranoid about their changes and may feel uncomfortable and emotional because of this |

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