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Causes Of The Six Day War

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What were the causes of Israel-Palestine war?
THE 1948 WAR
The notion of this research essay is to discuss the causes of the Israel-Palestine war. The first priority of the paper is to address the war in detail by describing the war. Another ...view middle of the document...

According to Oren and Bar-Tal (2007:112), For a period of about 100 years, the two states have challenged one another over aims and interests such as social identity, geographic region, natural resources, the superiority, the core state, religious fundamentalism, economic prospects, private and shared security, as well as human values. These are the fundamental aspects that determine the nature of the war and what is required to solve it. The Israel conflict started in the mid-20th century until present. It is an ongoing debacle that has spurred other institutional arrangements. However the principal cause of the conflict is that both states are fighting over the peace of land. Both groups believe they have the right to the land given to them by God. Another fundamental aspect is that this claiming of land is based on the assumptions of religious fundamentalism founded on the bible. Another perspective is that Great Britain had control over the Palestinian land and decided to give the Jews consent to emigrate, however this notion was annulled as uprisings from the Arab people became progressively vicious and aggressive.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict as a Structural Asymmetric Conflict.
This conflict can be the origin of the conflict rests not in specific matters or issues that might split the gatherings, even though in the actual assembly of whom they are and the connection between them (Gallo & Marzano, 2009:43).
Suicide Terror in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict:
On 16 April 1993, Tamam Nabulsi, a member of the Hamas organization (Islamic
Resistance Movement) committed one of the suicide bombings by bombing his car up nearby an Israeli bus parked near the settlement of Mechola, in the Jordan Valley and it was later discovered that two passengers were killed and five wounded. However this was the first suicide attack committed inside the borders of Israel by a Palestinian organization. Furthermore there was no answers about this attack would mark a new era of brutal terror: that is suicide bombing in Israel (Kimhi & Even, 2010:817).

Al Qaeda
Another key concept in the study of Israel-Palestine war is that of Al Qaeda which is an international terrorist organization more of an ideology than an organization. According to Burke (2004:1) in 1987, Abdullah Azzam, the forefront dialogue for contemporary Sunni Muslim fundamental advocates, instigated for al-Qaeda al-sulbah which is a frontline of the robust. The notorious leader envisioned an ideology about men acting autonomously, as the route that will lead the all of the Islamic society and therefore stimulate the umma which refers to worldwide community of believers against its oppressors. The al Qaeda endorses the general rule of terrorism.

Concept of delegitimization
According to Oren & Bar-Tal (2011:112), in broad, delegitimization refers to stereotypes with tremendously bad meanings that is used to label a particular instance of group categorization....

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