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Causes Of Rape Essay

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Mashell Chapeyama



There is male and female person who think that rape is as a result of women who dress indecently or who would have wanted to have sex with a person, but who may change their mind at the last minute. This then forces the male to force sex on the female. These two people are against the idea of people carrying out demonstrations against rape, since they believe that the reason why men rape is due to the provocations way in which ladies dress or portray themselves.
Given the above situation where I have to respond, I would come up with varying points which I think cause men to rape women. The first thing I have to emphasize is ...view middle of the document...

One cause could be the social or economical disempowerment of the man. This means that the man feels very inferior and believes that no women could consent to have sex with him. For example the person may be very poor and have little to take pride in. Some people in the society may despise him. In such case the man may think that even if he proposes love to ladies, the women may not consent to his proposal. As a way to meet his sexual gratification he can resort to raping women
Poor economic status may be another big reason. In a research that was carried in United States, it was discovered that most rapists are poor people, who are not employed and who have very poor education. This means they do not have many materials in their lives. On the other hand most ladies nowadays want to date or marry well to do men. Faced by such a situation poor people may be forced to rape to show their masculinity.
Another cause of rape is drug abuse. Some people who are under the influence of drugs can commit such offences as rape. The drugs may include marijuana, cocaine or even alcohol. In most cases of rape that have occurred in my local community most rapists were under the influence of alcohol or marijuana.
Some people rape women to hurt them. Such cases are on the increase. If a certain mother is believed to be a bad person some people may rape her daughter so that the lady gets a lot of traumatic experience. In my local community such cases are on the increase. Raping young children may be perpetrated to cause trauma to the parents. This can take place if there had been bad blood between these people. Some people rape to revenge for the bad things which they think might have been done by the victim or the victim’s parents. So...

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