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Causes Of Job's Suffering Essay

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Causes of Job's SufferingJennifer E. MikkaAshford UniversityReligion 250: Judeo-Christian ThoughtEric CokerMay 20, 2007Causes of Job's SufferingThe story of Job in the Bible has been used throughout time in order to show the perseverance of a faithful heart even under turmoil. According to Dailey in Interpretation, one could view the story of Job is a "tale of virtual faith in which the irreverent spirituality of Job is expressed with such literary artistry as to make him an "icon"," (Dailey, 1999). Job became an "icon" because he had everything and even when he lost it all, he remained faithful in his heart. In this story, Job suffers more than most ...view middle of the document...

This was view became the argument of the Devil. The Devil approached God and stated that the only reason Job remained in "the faith" was due to the fact that he had everything. Basically the Devil challenged God saying "Let me take everything away from your servant and let us see if Job still is a just, honorable, and faithful man." With that God gave the Devil permission to touch anything of Job's, but do not lay a hand on the man himself. Job's perfect world was to come to an end that day.The day of challenges began as a messenger arrived to tell Job all of his oxen and donkeys as well as the men that helped him were gone. While that messenger was still talking a second messenger came telling the accounts of a fire that engulfed all of the sheep. A third messenger reported the theft all of Job's camels. The fourth and final brought the devastating news of the house collapsing on top of all of Job's sons and daughters while they were feasting. Could you imagine all of this in one day? I would imagine even the strongest in faith would bend saying there is no God, or any God that would let this happen to me is not one that I wish to worship.The situation is similar to what happened to me as a child. I had a structured family. I had everything I could want. My family praised the Lord daily. We visited church five days a week. However, these behaviors ceased when my father, who was the stronghold of the household, passed away when I was 12. Our home became financially unstable. The structure was replaced by chaos. The love was gone and replaced by violence amongst family members and hatred. I was not strong enough. At first, I tried to remain devoted to the Lord. However, as the situation worsened, I turned my back saying, "Any God that would allow this to happen, I want no part of." My father on the other hand stayed strong in his faith through illness and turmoil.My father was plagued with diabetes, which led to gangrene. This gangrene first appeared on his back. After removing a chunk of the back, the gangrene reappeared on his toes. The toes were then amputated. My father still praised the Lord. The gangrene appeared again. This time the leg was amputated along with toes on the other foot. Since my father was a big man, (350 lbs. when healthy, 6'2"), he lost the ability to walk. Becoming bedridden increased the pain, as then there were bedsores and water retention. My father passed while awake due to the inability to breathe with the worsened water retention and inability to stand. However, through this painful process he continued to praise the Lord.Job was able to stay strong as my father did and remained faithful to the Lord. The Devil was angered with this and once again went to the Lord and challenged him further saying, "If Job did not have his health, he would turn his back on you." God then gave the devil permission to test Job further with the onset of disease. The single rule God laid out to the Devil was not to kill Job. With this,...

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