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Causes Of Eating Disorders Essay

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Topic # 1: Causes of Eating Disorders

Throughout North America, many continue to suffer from eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Individuals with eating disorders can experience changes in their physical and mental health that may also lead to death. Women are in fact more prone to eating disorders over men. According to the Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI), 10.7 out of every 100 000 women suffer from an eating disorder, where as 0.7 per 100 000 males suffer from an eating disorder (Gucciardi et al, 2003). In addition, Statistics Canada notes that 90% or more of all cases pertaining to the diagnosis of an eating disorder are for women ...view middle of the document...

al, 1948). Furthermore, the men experience drastic physical and mental changes to their body and mind. Simple physical tasks such as sitting on a hard surface caused them to experience severe pain (Franklin et. al, 1948). The blood flow of the men began to slow down. There were constant complaints of feeling cold and exhausted. Tasks such as shaving occurred less frequently and the fingernails of the men grew more slowly. In addition, cuts took more time to heal and bleeding was slower than before (Franklin et. al, 1948). Based on the findings of this article I believe that dieting plays a vital role in causing eating disorders because of the severe mental depression that individuals with eating disorders may endure. Many people may not be dieting as severe as the experiment, but preventing the body from receiving its necessary nutritional and calorie intake can cause depression. In addition, the Canadian Institution for Health information also notes how that there is twice as many people who have been diagnosed with an eating disorder suffer from depression then the amount of people who suffer from depression in the general population (Gucciardi et al, 2003).
The second article, “The Influence of Television Programs on Appearance Satisfaction: Making and Mitigating Social Comparisons to “Friends,”” that I have read was based on the findings of a study carried out by Stephen C. Want, Kristen Vickers, and Jennifer Amos. This paper explains the findings of various experiments conducted that proved a correlation between the media and a women’s view about her body. The main study that yielded impressive results had participants view a clip from the hit television series “Friends.” The study had two groups of women view the clip where two of the groups were exposed prior to the viewing to interventions. The main goal of the intervention was to encourage women to reject making social comparisons with images from the media. The experiment indicated that there was a significant correlation between viewing the clip from “Friends” and a woman’s own opinion about her body (Want et. al, 2009). The first two groups of women who viewed the clip that were not exposed to the intervention that was directed at disrupting the negative opinion women have about their own body after viewing the clip from “Friends,” did in fact have more negative opinions then the women that were exposed to the intervention (Want et. al, 2009). Based on the findings in this article, it is evident that the media does play an active role in causing eating disorders because of the way that they portray women. The media’s portrayal of celebrity women as being very thin can cause insecurities in the opinions that women have about their body. Insecurity leads to depression, and depression of ones own body can lead to excessive dieting. This can at times cause women or men to develop an eating disorder because of their obsession with their appearance.
In the article,...

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