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Causes Of Civil War Essay

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Causes of the American Civil War (Colonial America to the 1850s)

A lot of important events and people have paved the way towards the American civil war.
Each event that ever happened within the time period of 1790 to 1850 all lead to the civil war.
Some example of key people and events would be the following: the bill of rights being ratified,
the fugitive slave act, the cotton gin, Tennessee, John Adams, George Washington, Gabriel's
Rebellion, Ohio, the Louisiana Purchase, the Embargo act, the International slave trade, James
Madison, the Battle of New Orleans, Reverend Allen, Missouri compromise, Demark Vesey's
Conspiracy, Africans losing their boats, Monroe Doctrine, Nat ...view middle of the document...

These are the following amendments that were adopted: the
Freedom of religion, speech, and the press; rights of assembly and petition, Right to bear arms,
Housing of soldiers, Search and arrest warrants, Rights in criminal cases, Rights to a fair trial,
Rights in civil cases, Bails, fines, and punishments, Rights retained by the people, and lastly the
Powers retained by the states and the people. Within the United states now the North and South
were split into two since they couldn't really co-exist with each other. The thirteen colonies are
separated into three areas, which consist of: the north, the mid-Atlantic colonies, and the
southern colonies.

The colonies in North America were different in how they survived economically from
the northern colonies to the southern colonies. This was mostly due to the climate differences,
population, and the types of farming that the north and south had during the colonial era. The
north was not completely reliant on farming especially because the farming land was so poor and
rocky, so they had to find alternatives to flourish. These alternatives included things like finding
natural resources that did not require farming, like fish, whales, certain types of trees and animal
fur that could be traded for the food that they lacked to farm for themselves. In addition to all of
this the north was known for all of its manufacturing, which they would then sell and trade to
Great Britain and to the south in exchange for the necessities that they did not have at the
time. The south was the exact opposite of the north in terms of how they
went about surviving economically. The south farmed on rich farm land which they were
fortunate enough to live off at the time, so basically they continued with the Native American
ways by living off of the land. The south flourished in the farming by farming things such as
indigo, tobacco, cotton, and rice which they could then sell to the north, or trade to the north in
exchange for the manufacturing that the north was doing at the time. The climate was also a huge
factor in the way that the two economies developed, and climate was an advantage for the south,
but a disadvantage to the north. In the south the climate was warm which allowed them to farm
year round. In the north, because of the extremely cold winters, they could only farm during the
summer, and they could only farm certain things.
The cultures of the three separate areas differed from one another which made the way
they function economically different. In the north, the culture of the people inhabiting the area
was much different than the culture of the people living in the southern states. The northern
colonies of, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. In those states, the
people lived on small farms in small towns, but the farms they lived on did not exactly flourish
resulting from the rocky soil that covered all of the...

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