Causes For Me Attending College Essay

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Cause for Me Attending College
Cherry Michelle Underwood
Everest College

Why am I a college student? Acquiring a college degree is an important part of my professional objectives and life. I am taking a part in college to obtain more comprehension, have the required qualifications to be successful in my profession, and to make my family delighted. I always wanted to manage my own nail and hair salon, so I chose to study Business. As a result, one day I will work for myself in my own nail and hair salon. I plan to start my nail and hair salon and become one of the top salons in Lowndes County.
I was very undecidable about attending college at first. Then, I finally realized that if I really wanted to succeed and to achieve then I had to do whatever was necessary for me to do in order to do those things. I made my mind up and signed ...view middle of the document...

They are so proud of me and I am doing everything that I can do to succeed and to reach my goals. I also feel that I will be able to provide better for my kids.
As a young girl, I went on a lot of different trips. I have been to many different states and countries. Traveling to see all of those different types of places, going to different nail shops getting my nails done, and going to different hair salons, made me fascinated by the cosmetology industry. I saw all of the different stuff that they do and all of the different things that use and it interested me. After traveling, I had experienced a lot about hair and nail. I knew then that it was something that I really wanted to do. I came home and I started practicing on my sisters and momma hair and nails. They told me that I did a good job to say that it was my first time. I felt then that it will be easy for me to succeed in that business.
When I first went to high school, I started thinking about my future. When I was in the 11th grade, I took up Business. We discussed many types of businesses and fields. We had to choose the type of business or field that interested us. I chose cosmetology because I already knew that I wanted to be a part of cosmetology. When I got to the 12th grade, they put me in a cosmetology class, where they taught hair and nail skills. During high school, I worked with my aunt at her nail and hair shop to obtain experience in the cosmetology business and to apply my skills and knowledge that I had learned. I graduated from high school in May 2005. I stayed around the house for awhile and then I started working at different automobile manufacturing companies. After working for different temps and getting laid off due to assignments ending. I already knew what I wanted to major in and what I wanted to do. I decided to go ahead and sign up for college to start on my dream. Now I am in college and I am trying to do everything that is required for me to do so that I can get my degree and start my journey.

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