Causes And Prevention Of Burnout In Human Services Staff Paper

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Causes and Prevention of Burnout in Human Services Staff Paper
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Angela Arington
April 30, 2014

Burnout, in the human services field, can be a common factor among employees. To reduce employee burnout it is important to look at contributing factors causing employee burnout to find methods of prevention. Reaction and responses to high-stress conditions from a personal perspective will follow, while providing useful methods into how as a human service professional, I can reduce the effects of burnout.
Burnout is defined as a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion that comes from prolonged emotional stressors, interpersonal stressors, and workplace ...view middle of the document...

To prevent employees from burnout due to low role clarity or feeling as if his or her position is less meaningful, managers could also identify and clarify job expectations. Identifying job roles, goals, and primary functions of each job title can lead to employees having a stronger sense of purpose which can be motivating. A human service manager has a responsibility of being a role model to all employees; displaying excitement under a high stress environment and being motivational about the goals and objectives of the organization. An organization with a strong social support system can prevent burnout; keeping communication frequent allows employees to feel comfortable to reach out for guidance. Employee assistance programs (EAP) can be implemented by providing direct services and indirect services; such as counseling, referrals, crisis management, lectures, workshops to improve the well-being of an employee, training, and problem solving task forces (Lewis, 2007).
The workplace can often times be stressful because of the expectations set by management to achieve when already working in a high-stress environment. After examining my own personality, I do find that I react and respond to personal and work-related stress quite easily. I am a perfectionist which means that nothing is ever good enough. When I am approached by management to take on multiple tasks with not enough help it can be stressful. I do not overreact to situations in the workplace as easily because it is important to carry a professional attitude at work at all times; however, when a deadline is fast approaching the stress puts me in an overwhelmed state. I will meet the deadline but will worry personally to myself the entire way through the project. This happens when I have multiple tasks that need to be completed the same day and given the same day. Personal stress does affect areas of my life which can be easily identified through my body language and facial expressions. My previous work experience was in sales. Working in sales you are put in a high stress environment and are required to make sales to make an income. Customers are demanding and sales are expected when working with the most difficult customer. Adopting methods to reduce or prevent burnout is...

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