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Causes And Prevention Of Burnout Essay

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Causes and Prevention of Burnout
Carrie Frazier, MSW/LCSW
Causes and Prevention of Burnout
Every human service organization experiences burnout in different ways this is an issue that will have an effect on the staff member’s personal and work life. Burnout can also be one of the main issues within the organization. Human service employee’s jobs can be stressful and overwhelming, particularly when having many clients, required to work overtime, and attempting to balance his or her workload with his or her home life. Burnout may have many causes, but there are preventions to help people to avoid burnout as well.
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Organizational norms—Bureaucratic rather than flexible management philosophies, lack of feedback, a competitive climate, large amounts of conflict, and low openness and trust can contribute to burnout..Organizational roles—Burnout may be more likely if an individual is experiencing role conflict (disagreements about expectations), ambiguity (unclear expectations), or overload (too much work); has a job with low motivating potential (see the prior section on job design); or has low autonomy. Supervision and social support—Lack of participative decision making increase the likelihood of burnout. Cultural—Aspects of the culture at large, including a declining feeling of community, frustrated expectations for the self-actualizing potential of work, and pervasive competition, create a climate conducive to burnout”(Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, 2007). The actives that are being done within a person’s downtime play a major role in causing burnout in both work and at home.
How to Prevent Burnout
There are also many techniques to help prevent burnout. The prevention technique will depend on the type of burnout the employees are experiencing. A company that detects its staff is experiencing burnout because he or she is continues to work on the same projects on a daily basis or working in extremely stressful position can try to restructure the jobs responsibilities to include diversity of employees to the workload. “Burnout as a result of individual factors may be addressed by staff development interventions and in-house trainings related to time management, peer support groups, problem solving, and resource exchange” (Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, 2007). Other suggestion that may help an employees can do on their own to prevent burnout are meditating for at least 10 to 15 minute a day, write in a personal journal or diary expressing his or her feeling, or read something the inspires and uplifts the employee. The employee could also improve his or her eating habits, exercise daily, and plenty of sleep. When a person has included eating right, physical activity, and rest in his or her life will soon have more energy and a better spirit to deal with stresses of his or her life. The employee could also set boundaries so he or she will overwork him or herself. The employees will need to learn how to communicate...

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