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Cause Effect Paper

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A bad day is like waiting forever in a long line and I can never wait till either of them end. It was a chilly spring morning in the middle of May, May 15th to be exact. It was raining and bright. The sun was a little low in the sky it was slowly rising. My day hadn’t even started I was still asleep. With every cause there is an effect and every bad day has both.
I woke up to a bright sun in my face with a rush of excitement. I had one question on my mind, why did I have so much energy. I looked at my clock and found my answer, I had overslept. I was supposed to wake up at 6:30 am and it was 9:30 am. “I set the alarm on my charcoal grey phone to 6:30 am as I do every night, what happened” I thought to myself. I glanced ...view middle of the document...

Not realizing there was a huge, light brown puddle in front of me; I slipped and fell on my bottom. The people around me were doubled over laughing. I was so embarrassed that I hid my face in my jacket so nobody could tell who I was. The whole ride home my brand new, dark blue Abercrombie jeans were drenched. As my day got worse and worse I wished it was only a dream.
It was now 6:00 pm and dinner was on the table. I shoveled the chili into my bowl and grabbed some tortilla chips. I carefully poured myself a glass of Pepsi so I didn’t spill it. The black soda bubbled as it hit the ice on the bottom of the glass. I had set the soda bottle down next to me and tightened the cap. As I scooped some chili onto a chip my little brother reached for the soda bottle and knocked my cup over. The soda was spreading as fast as oil in the ocean. It spilled off of the table and all over me along with my chip full of chili. As a result I had to go take a shower to get the stickiness off of me. As the warm water ran down my body I was hoping and praying my horrible day was over. Right after my shower I got my pajamas on and crept into my bed. I turned on my jet black ipod touch to help me fall asleep faster. It did the trick; my horrible day had come to an end.
The causes of a bad day lead to the effects so no matter what there is always an effect to every cause. The causes of my bad day were I didn’t turn the volume on my phone up, I slipped and fell into a puddle, and my little brother spilled soda on me. The results were I overslept, my pants were wet the whole way home, and I had to take a shower. Waiting in line and a bad day have one thing in common I can’t stand them, they never end.

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