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Cause/Effect Essay

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You Are What You Eat

Overweight and obesity in children is one of the leading significant public health problems in the United Sates. The number of children who are overweight has tripled since the 1970’s. More than 1 and 5 children between the ages of 6 and 19 are now considered overweight. Being overweight during childhood and adolescence increases the risk of developing high cholesterol, hypertension, orthopedic, and respiratory problems, type 2 diabetes, anxiety and depression, and skin integrity. To date research and scientist have been unable to isolate one major cause that is linked to childhood obesity, Obesity is multi-factorial. Some of the major causes are a lack to no ...view middle of the document...

The companies of these products push on their labels that there products our filled with 100% vitamin C but if you look at their other ingredients you will find that these products are filled with 25 plus grams of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and trans fats. What happened to the tradition of an after school snack of giving your child an apple or an orange? Another old rule that our parents taught us is to finish everything on your plate, you eat everything that you take. Research has also shown that eating everything on your plate, even though you may be full will teach improper portion control, and could eventually lead to obesity. We live in a society where a bag of chips and a cold can of soda is more accessible and easier to snack on to children than milk, and fresh organic foods. When you have unhealthy eating habits and combine that with little to no physical regular exercise, childhood obesity becomes apparent in children. This trend becomes apparent not only because little energy is expanded while viewing television but also because of the consumption of high- calorie sugary snack foods.
The third major leading cause of childhood obesity is environmental factors. One factor of this cause is the very world that we live in today. Parents do not trust that there children will come back home safely if they let them out of there sight to go play outside, or go to the park, or even walk the dog around the neighborhood, which factors into low physical activity. The social normality’s of the family unit have changed drastically over the years. We as the general population went from dinner at five with a 3 course homemade meal because mom was home all day, to both parents having to work and bring in two incomes. With two parents working that puts a time restriction on not only physical activity but on meals, and what the parents have time to make for their children. Because of the time limit restriction on the family unit the food that is healthy and nutritious may not always be the food that is the quickest to cook. Where you live is another factor that is part of the environmental cause for obesity. Experts have increasingly looked into the physical environment as a driver in the increase of childhood obesity. In the United States the Urban and Suburban areas the development environment can create obstacles to be physically active. In Urban areas, space for outdoor play and activities can be scarce, preventing children from having a protected place to play. Bust traffic can impede children from walking, biking as a means of exercise. Suburban areas are evolving into the “sprawl” method which is very few sidewalks and they tend to lack adequate resources for physical recreation, and becoming vehicle dependent communities for families to get where they need to go. Some families have less access to stores and supermarkets that sell healthy food, especially in rural, minority and lower income neighborhoods. Choosing healthy food is...

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