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Cause And Effect Of Network Hacking

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Everywhere we go, technology is there. Technology is rising quickly. To mention one is, computer. As the use of computer has grown, computer crime has also become more important. Computer crime generally refers to criminal activity where a computer or network is the source, tool, target or place of crime. Computer crimes encompass unauthorized or illegal activities perpetrated via computer as well as the theft of computers and other technological hardware. As firms of all sizes, industrial orientation, and geographic location increasingly rely on computers to operate, concerns about computer crime have also risen, in part because the practice appears to be thriving ...view middle of the document...

As long as he is not detected or the computer shuts down, he will be able to hack the computer as long as it is online. It doesn’t matter if you have a broadband connection or a dial up, internet hackers can access your home or computer shop security if you haven’t taken adequate measures for protecting yourself. It is like leaving a car parked in the street. If you leave it with the windows open, the keys inside and the radio mask still placed in the console, it’s quite probable you will suffer a robbery. Unfortunately, with computers it is a little more difficult since you don’t see those opened windows. The only way to find them is looking for them with specialized software.

Hacking and the study of computer insecurity play an important role in the protection of assets. No computer system or network achieves perfect security; even a system switched off with its hard drive removed sunken in a lead case in the bottom of a deep pool in an underground facility lacks security, as it guarantees integrity and confidentiality but completely sacrifices availability. As a security professional, you must understand the risks a network faces; you must, in essence, know how to bring the network down, to steal the data you want, and to falsify important information. With this information, you can begin to eliminate threats, leaving only those unknown to you and those that pose little to no real risk.
People hacks your network/computer because they want to see all your personal information, and so they will be able to steal your bank details and from this information they gathered, they can steal money from your account.
Another cause of network hacking is insecurity. That may sound absurd and unbelievable but that’s the reality. When a hacker gets insecure because of the success of your internet business, he will find a way on how to get your business down. In that case, he will plant a virus to your server and that virus will harm all your computer files and network in some way.
Hackers hack because they want to see the flaw in...

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