Cause And Effect Of Divorce On Children

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In today’s society divorce is thought of as a quick fix to a bad marriage. Many people turn to divorce instead of trying to work out their problems. While they are not concerned about getting a divorce and the effects it can have on their children, many children end up with psychological problems and behavior issues because of the divorce of their parents. Before finalizing a divorce parents need to assess the situation as a whole and try to work out their problems. By doing this the unnecessary stress it puts on children can be avoided.
Married couples in the United States are more likely to divorce then in the majority of other nations. Of marriages that occurred in 2000, 43 to 46% of the will end in divorce. (Smith, P., Homish, G., Leonard, K., Cornelius, J., p.1) While there are many causes of divorce in today’s society, one the major problems with couples that are married is alcoholism. In a study conducted through the University ...view middle of the document...

According to Marlene Moses even in low conflict divorces children can suffer in a myriad of ways. One of the most obvious is the disruption of the child’s life, causing unnecessary stress. Divorce within the family structure can also lead teenagers to substance abuse and make them 50% more likely to abuse alcohol (Moses, M., p. 1) Children of divorces parents are also more likely to wet the bed and have a feeling of rejection. They can also experience psychosomatic symptoms such as stomachaches and headaches.
Another consequence in children of divorced parents is early onset of depression leading to suicide. Many children feel like they are to blame for the divorce of their parents and carry extreme feelings of stress and guilt. In a story reported in the Argus Observer on July 17, 2013 a six year old boy was found dead by way of hanging. He had used his belt as a noose and hung himself from the refrigerator handle. His parents had been divorced two years prior and he had been experiencing issues of anger and depression which is believed to have stemmed from the divorce of his parents. The untimely death of this six year old boy could have been avoided if his parents had sought treatment and avoided getting a divorce.
The rate of divorce in the United States is remarkably high. Many people turn to the ease of divorce rather than trying to work through their problems. One of the consequences of divorce is the stress and problems it causes in children of divorced parents. This can be avoided by seeking help with a certified counselor rather than turning to divorce as an answer.

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