Cause And Effect Essay On The Titanic Disaster

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The Titanic DisasterJohn Eaton, one of the co-authors of Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy said that in the summer of 1907, J. Bruce Ismay and Lord James Pirrie, a partner in Harland and Wolff, met to discuss plans to build two ocean liners that will surpass anything built to date. This simple meeting set off a chain of events that led to the death of over 1500 people less than five years later.The two ocean liners were to be called the Olympic and the Titanic. A third ship was added to the plans later. The Titanic's hull plate was laid in 1909 and a little over two years later, Titanic's 26,000 ton hull is launched at Harland and Wolff's shipyard. The ship reached a speed of twelve knots when it ...view middle of the document...

During Captain Smith's inspection of the engine room on Saturday morning, Chief Engineer Bell reports the fire in boiler room 6 is finally extinguished, however the bulkhead part of the bunker shows signs of heat damage (Eaton 105-10).Ton Kuntz, editor of the book Titanic Disaster Hearings: The Official Transcripts of the 1912 Senate Investigation, wrote that one survivor told investigators that Smith and Ismay talked at lunch about making New York a day early and grabbing headlinesThe Titanic began to receive ice warnings from other ships in the area. There were reports of large quantities of field ice 250 miles ahead of Titanic. Captain Smith took this message from the radio operators and later showed it to Bruce Ismay. There was another message was received from the ocean liner America that warned the Titanic of icebergs in its path, but this message was not forwarded to Captain Smith.The Californian later sent a third message warning of ice 50 miles ahead of Titanic. After meeting with Second Officer Lightoller and discussing the unusually calm seas and clear air, Captain Smith retires to his room. Officer Lightoller then cautions lookouts to be careful of ice until morning. The Titanic's' speed at this time is 22 knots (Kuntz 270-274).A heavy ice pack and iceberg warning is received from the Masaba. Wireless Officers Phillips and Bride ignored the message and proceed with sending personal messages from the passengers. Later, Lightoller passed the watch off to First Officer Murdock.Just a few hours later, Lookout Frederick Fleet rang the bridge by telephone yelling "Iceberg right ahead!" and rang the crows nest bell 3 times. Sixth Officer Moody acknowledges and relayed the message to Murdock, who orders the ship's wheel turned hard-a-starboard and telegraphs the engine room to bring the ship to a full stop followed by the order full a-stern which would cause the propellers to turn backwards and slow the ship.The Titanic began to turn slowly to port but struck an underwater piece of the iceberg on the starboard side 12 feet back from the bow. The side of the ship was scrapped for 300 feet along Titanic's side below the waterline, tearing a hole in five compartments of the ship. First Officer Murdock ordered the wheel turned full to port, trying to corner Titanic around the remainder of the iceberg. He also threw the electric switch closing the water-tight compartment doors. Passengers on the upper decks saw the iceberg as Titanic passed by. Captain Smith arrived on the bridge and ordered Thomas Andrews, Chief Wilde, and Officer Boxhall to go below and inspect...

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