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Hard Working Class
Working seems second nature to a lot of people all over the world. At a young age we are taught that there are no free lunches, there is a lot of hard work and effort to be put into getting the things one wants out of life. Some well mannered and ambitious children aspire to become tax payers pay the time they are teenagers. From the time we start grade school, we are being prepped to start a schedule that starts our day at 8am and ends at 3pm. Working and being a healthy and functioning part of society is ingrained in us by the age of five years old. At least in my house hold it was. Both of my parents were ...view middle of the document...

My work ethic was ingrained in me from watching how hard my parents and grandmother worked. I wanted to help out and repay my parents in a sense for all of their hard work they put into raising my brother and me. I always did my chores when they were asked of me and even when they were not, and when I started to get rewarded for completing my chores, that was even more incentive. I would look for ways to earn a little extra money, picking up my brothers chores, washing the car and even having bake sales. Though I was the babied by my older cousins and aunts, I always wanted to find my own way of getting my fair share of the chores done when I stayed at my grandmother’s house. By the time I was thirteen, I was babysitting my little brother and his friends for a job during the summer. I dreamed of having my own real job, managing bills and saving for a car. I suppose most of the teens my age had similar dreams, but I wasn’t willing to wait around for it. As soon as I was legally able to work at the age of fifteen, I talked my mother into hiring me on to work with her at her daycare after school. I wanted to have some experience with customers and interviewing, so I asked her if I could sit with her when she interviewed prospective new clients and employees. Even now as an adult, I don’t like to miss a day of work, I’ll skip breaks if my I am not on schedule to have work completed, and I am always looking for feedback from my managers so I can be more effective in getting things done on time. Having a strong work ethic is something I can take anywhere and apply to many areas of my life. I am thankful my family instilled that value into me.
Knowing the value of a dollar can allow you to better appreciate all the work you put into getting that dollar. You’ll think twice before you throw money away when you know how hard you work to attain that money. If money truly did grow on trees, it would be no sweat off your back to buy the first car you test drive without doing any research, to buy an expensive Cashmere sweater without trying it on, or to input your credit card number on the extremely suspicious internet pop-up when it asks you to. My parents struggled and worked extremely hard for everything that we had. I never wanted for anything, but that could also be because I knew that before I asked for something, I would get asked, “Is this a want or a need Nyisha?” Also,...

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