Causation Of African Americans Essay

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America has always been the land of the free. Many have migrated to America in hopes of a better life and in search of opportunity. Immigrants from all over the world have come here looking for freedom and happiness. Unfortunately, not everyone who has come here in search of a better life has been welcomed with open arms. This is especially true for African Americans. African Americans are a subordinate group originating from Africa, who has been faced with segregation from non-subordinate groups for many years. Unlike many other immigrants, African Americans were brought to America against there will.
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The slave was then at the mercy of their slaveholder and could be bought, sold, traded, tortured, and even killed at the slaveholders will (The Library of Congress, 2005). The enslaved Africans could soon be found in many parts of the country and were subjected to all kinds of labor.
The African slaves were immediately put to work on prominent citizen’s plantations. Slaves could be found doing nearly every type of labor. The slaves were responsible for harvesting the wheat fields and tending to the apple orchards; they mined iron and lead; they worked the docks and fishing boats; and they managed the households. The Africans brought their own skills from their native homeland with them and were soon putting those to work too. Their expertise helped to shape the industry and agriculture in America (The Library of Congress, 2005). Although many Africans started out in this country as slaves, this was not always the case.
In every state, there was always a group of African Americans living free. Some were slaves that had been freed by their slaveholders and others had escaped their slaveholder in search of freedom. Some slaves were able to buy their freedom, and some were the descendents of slaves who had been freed. Others were slaves living in an area that had done away with slavery altogether. Although freedom was never guaranteed for this minority group, the free African American population began to grow and continued to rise over the years. The ratification to the 13th amendment finally...

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