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The City of Charlotte’s city manager, Curt Walton’s idea to implement a new initiative for city departments greatly benefits the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS). Mr. Walton’s determination that the city will no longer run the business provides CATS with an opportunity to address communication issues within the department. Mr. Walton’s initiative, which promotes a collaborative work environment, should result in improved communications between divisions. Ms. Flowers recognize the benefits of executing the city managers initiative. Implementing the city manager’s strategy of a collaborative work environment will decrease redundant tasks, achieve cost efficiencies, and increase ...view middle of the document...

For instance, if CATS reduce the amount of duplicate tasks performed by administrative assistants, the assistants would be available to work on other critical projects.
The communication issues within CATS, resulting in redundant tasks, require the department to assess the organization’s business needs. According to Leah (2004), “before an organization can begin to demolish the communication barriers that hamper its performance, senior management needs to ask fundamental questions about the business’s goals, metrics, and strategies” (p 42). Elimination of redundancy within the organization requires discussing the organization’s objectives. Determining the steps necessary to achieve these goals helps to identify duplication of efforts within CATS. For example, the current process of two division administrative assistants completing the same monthly report can be eliminated when senior management determines the purpose for completing this report. Identifying the purpose helps in deciding the appropriate staff needed to complete the reporting process. Ms. Flowers must work with the leadership team to determine steps needed to achieve organizational goals.
Divisions working as separate entities create unnecessary problems for CATS. Vermeulen, Phanish & Ranjay (2010) have indicated that “as a result…a product-oriented firm may find itself duplicating work” (p 72). Working in silos negatively impacts the operation of the organization. Duplicated work efforts do not benefit the employees or CATS. Recognizing that communication problems exist and determining organizational goals will assist CATS with rectifying these problems.
CATS continue to incur additional costs because of lack of communications between the divisions. The organization should be functioning as one unit, but division managers have encouraged employees to focus on divisional activities. Ms. Flowers cannot allow this type of behavior to continue. A major portion of CATS funding is from a ½ cents sales tax which has steadily decreased over the past several years. This reduction in funding can be offset by eliminating the additional funds spent due to lack of communicating. There are several methods that have been utilized to resolve the issue of overspending as a result of not communicating.
Working in silos increases operating costs for CATS. Divisions making individual purchasing decisions should immediately cease. Changing the layout of the organization decreases the financial waste. According to Vermeulen, Phanish & Ranjay (2010), “restructuring breaks up the outdated power structure that may be quietly misdirecting a company’s resource allocation” (p 72). Restructuring the purchasing process allows CATS to monitor spending. The ability to control cost increases as current contracts are used by all divisions for purchasing products. Reorganizing the department reduces wasteful spending within the organization.
Ms. Flowers has to address the department’s...

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