Cathy Pacific Case Study

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Cathy Pacific Case Study
Training and development is a never-ending cycle for organizations. Training is one of the interventions of human resource development team to improve performance and transfer knowledge throughout the organization. In order for organizations to be successful in developing effective training programs they need to complete a thorough needs assessment. For instance, at Cathy Pacific Airways a survey was conducted showing that the travelers felt that the airline‘s customer service was good but robotic so the organization set out to reevaluate how they recruited, trained, and managed its employees. As a training manager for the airline, one of the things that need ...view middle of the document...

In the Cathy Pacific case they need to ensure that understand the difference between cultural because they are an international company. Therefore, include in their training design should be training on cultural competency.
After completing this process, management should then look to the individual employees by completing a person analysis. In the individual analysis, organizations need to look at what employees need to be trained and how to convey to the trainees why they are being trained. In conducting the individual assessment the organization should also conduct observation of employees at work or gather focus groups of passengers to assess who needs training. In designing the training and conducting the individual analysis the trainees’ ability, attitude, beliefs and motivation necessary to learn needs to be taken into consideration. The organization also needs to assess if they have the capability to offer a choice of training programs.
Once that process is complete, the organization needs to assess the third area by looking at the task in which the employees are asked to perform or improve. The task analysis assesses the “what must be done to perform a job or complete a process successfully” (Werner & DeSimone, 2012, p. 111). In analyzing, the task management should look what performance areas are suffering. It is important for management to assess how critical those task are for success of their objectives and strategic goals.
In the case of Cathy Pacific if thorough needs assessment was completed for Cathy Pacific airline the management could have seen that recruiting was probably not the reason why customer service was described as robotic. The problem seems to be due to how the employees are being trained if that is the case, the training programs should be reexamined. It appears that the employees are being provided training that is artificial and not based on realistic experience. The training that the employees receive should allow them to practice their customer service skill by giving them real...

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