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Catholicism Essay

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Uncovering a religious understanding requires a universal acceptance of a higher being, and the willingness to accept the teachings of that particular faith. There are questions that many want answered in regards to what is religion, why so many different kinds of faiths, and what urges a person to practice certain religious traditions. What is known today is that religious traditions make who a person has become.
Religion being a very complex issue throughout the world is a simple belonging, an attachment to the ultimate being. Some may look at having a religion as not being alone, or having a sense of direction in this confused world. Some find peace and answers sitting ...view middle of the document...

It enhanced a self interested subject “different religions understandings”, in doing so Liz Masoudian; a spiritual Catholic was kind enough to share her worship house and religious community. Upon entrance to the saint Michael’s church in Manteca, California the image of the cross was vibrant. The large room was accented beautifully with Stations of the Cross above each light fixture, and a large pool of holy water at the front of the entrance. It was a very clean and quiet environment that was attended by mostly the elderly followers since it was a weekday morning service. Although the room was very quiet one could have felt the spiritual connections of these people. Surrounding the room was statues of Jesus, Mary the mother of God, and angels. The stain glass windows, so beautifully designed with images of saints and on each glass were dedications to the community members that donated the windows.
On this particular day and time it was Holy Mass that interested and encouraged the passage. All stood up in respect, as the priest entered the room, he began the sermon for the day. Each day has its own sermon, which has all followers reciting the great words of God and his encouragements to do well and achieve blessings of Christ.

Liz explained in her words that “The Holy Mass is a reenactment of Holy Thursday, when Jesus celebrated the last super and Good Friday, when he died to achieve eternal life in heaven for everyone”. Throughout the Holy Mass service every one bowed their heads time to time as certain scriptures were read. The Priest kneeled or bowed each time he crossed the cross that was large and centered on the altar. During their prayers they were asking Jesus to forgive them, to guide them to a better understanding, a better place, to keep them away from evil, and rid them of their sins. At one point they all upon the request of the priest greeted each other and blessed one another with peace.
Catholicism a religion not so different than what was known to most, there are similarities that clarify the presence of an ultimate being. It could truly be called a religion of God among all the others. The official model of religion is present within Catholicism, models such as a doctrine; the holy bible, cultic expressions; rituals and institutional organizations; church buildings. Catholicism from far seemed different than most religions, but a closer look concluded that it isn’t. Catholicism and Islam have many similarities, such as the Holy water, the importance of church or mosque attendance, and in total their strict religious teachings.
Liz once took her niece who was 5 then to the Holy Mass, during the Holy Mass the priest hands out a wafer that represents Christ’s body and wine that represents Christ’s blood. Her niece asked what the wafer was, so Liz split it in half allowing her a taste. The women behind them became very angry as to why Liz broke the wafer. This older women being of course extremely religious explained...

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