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Catch Me If You Can Case Study

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‘Catch Me If You Can’ is a movie based on true story about a boy named Frank William Abagnale Jr. During Frank early teen years in the 1960s, after I.R.S. Investigate his father financial affairs, the family lost their home and this lead to divorce between Frank parents. When lawyer ask Frank to decide who he want follow after his parent divorce, he decided to run away, at this time, he just 16 years old. While on the run, Frank impersonates a pilot, doctor and even a lawyer to make money. While him impersonating others, he also cash multiple forged cashier’s checks, as the amount getting higher and higher, FBI agent Carl Hanratty get assigned to this case to find the ...view middle of the document...

Carl Hanratty also is a creative, mindful, and smart person. He is an FBI agent who is often mocked by his colleague and fellow agents because during that time they don’t take Carl jobs seriously which is check fraud. Through the movie Carl is in pursues of Frank for check fraud and he is determine to catch him at all costs. In the movie it is stated that Carl is divorced and both his daughter and wife are living in Chicago. In the end of the movie Carl and Frank become good friends.

Individual Behavior, Personality and Values
In the movie Catch Me if You Can, we take a look on Carl Hanratty(Carl), who is an FBI chasing the main character of the show whose name is Frank William Abagnale, Jr.(Frank) base on Chapter 2 Individual Behavior Personality and Values. Carl Hanratty display characteristic from MARS Model of Individual Behaviour.
Carl was motivated to catch Frank at all cost. Base on the definition of motivation which is the force within a person that affects his/her direction, intensity and persistence of voluntary behavior. Carl has a goal in which he will catch Frank for check fraud which was not taking seriously during that time this is shown in a scene where Carl was briefing on cases related to Frank and his co-worker was not taking it seriously and Carl wishes to show how serious this was. His have put a lot of effort in finding Frank till a point he work even on the holidays like Christmas alone in his department. Carl never gave up on catching Frank and pursue him for the last 2 years and he also never gave up on bringing Frank back to U.S from the France which took him 4 years to be approve.
Carl have a few natural aptitudes one of wish is problem solving. Carl also learn a lot about check fraud from past experience in one scene his Chief said Carl practically wrote the book about bank fraud and learning while trying to catch Franks, thanks to this trait he have and acquire he was able to track down Frank.
Carl was well aware of his Role Perception in which his belief about what behavior is required to apprehend Frank. Carl understand how important to catch Frank as this will cause more damage if left Frank alone and he understating what must be done in order to catch Frank by studying Frank patterns like in the scene where he able to deduce Frank return to part of Europe to continue in counterfeiting outside the U.S.
Lastly, Carl faced many Situational Factors where it was out of his control. People for example, where they don’t treat Carl with respect in the briefing scene and in the car with new co-workers and most of his co-workers don’t have the experience like him to do the job and budget for his department shown in many scene of his offices was low due to the fact bank fraud was not taken seriously during his time.
One of the issues I found was that Frank has lack of ‘Values’ in the workplace. Frank impersonated as a pilot, doctor, substitute teacher and lawyer and in none of which he took them seriously. During...

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