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Catasteophic Disaster Caused By Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina will always be remembered for the devastation it caused, my close friends, the Adams family knows this better than anyone else. My family has been close friends with the Adams for nearly my whole life; being from Louisiana they were incredibly passionate about helping others. Several of the Adams relatives live in Louisiana, including their parents on the father’s side. The parents live just twenty minutes south of New Orleans on a small farm. During Hurricane Katrina, when the levees were breached, water flooded the town and their farm. They lost what few livestock they owned and their home was damaged beyond repair due to the high flood waters. The couple sought shelter ...view middle of the document...

After talking to the Adams and their parents and learning about what they and thousands of others went through, we knew we had to respond to their needs. We donated money to the American Red Cross to offer relief and medical care to the affected victims. Also, through Network for Good we provided basic necessities such as: pillows, personal care items, clothing, water, and non-perishable food items to help contribute to the relief effort. This horrible disaster impacted my family and how we respond to certain situations; however, this experience personally affected my life.
As a spoiled nine year old girl, I lived the sheltered homeschool life. Nothing mattered to me outside my own little world, until Hurricane Katrina happened. I remember hearing on the news about a predicted hurricane and where it was supposed to hit. I also remember seeing the news of cars sitting in miles of traffic trying to evacuate, but I was too selfish to give it much thought. It was not until after the hurricane hit and the news showed the flooded city of New Orleans and people being rescued from their roofs, that it hit me how real the devastation was. I had never seen anything like it! I felt compassion for the storm victims and I could not imagine losing everything I owned. I wanted to help but did not know how. After I had met the Adam’s parents and they had described to me what they went through, I knew that there was something I could.
My mom helped me clean out my closet to donate my old clothes, but I still wanted to provide more. A group of people gathered together at Summit Baptist Church and decided to create care packages to send to the affected areas. So one Saturday, we all met at the church and got right to work. Almost the entire church population showed up with loads of items to put in the packages. We stuffed the care packages with all the basic necessities including: personal care items, water bottles, small towels, and non-perishable food items. At the end of the day, we had loaded up two semi-trailers full of care packages to be sent to the affected areas of Louisiana and Mississippi. I was glad I could do something to help the victims who survived Hurricane Katrina. This whole experience opened my eyes to the needs of others and helped me to put others before myself.
Others in the community responded to needs of the Hurricane Katrina victims. I was even invited to my friend’s birthday party, but in lieu of gifts, we were expected to bring items to sell in a bake sale, to raise money for the victims. We felt very fortunate to do this because we had electricity and a home to live in. We were comfortable and we needed to move out of our comfort zone in order to help those in need. This simple act of kindness has given me a passion to serve others in ministry.
My friends, family, and I were not the only ones to respond, other people from all over the country graciously responded with their time, money, and donations. After the storm, numerous...

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