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Cat And The Hat Essay

1207 words - 5 pages

Jacquelyn Clark
Professor Rodriguez
English 1302
December 2, 2014
Literature Paper

Teaching young children priceless lessons such as trying new foods can be challenging for many parents. As a God Mother of a very finicky three year old boy, it is implausible to get him to try new meals or snacks. Even after I sought guidance from his mother and mine for ideas, he still refused different refreshments, until I read to him and his kid sister Green Eggs and Ham and several others by Dr. Seuss. It happened by mistake when I realized that many of Dr. Seuss books teach children helpful lessons that most parents are feeble to because he uses fun graphics, rhyme, and entertains their ...view middle of the document...

The rhyme scheme is simple and very entertaining because the Amauri and Aubrey were failure with the objects and they liked that they were portrayed in a new way. For example, the fox and box, mouse and house or, rain and train. On pages forty and forty one the train is racing down a hill with the car from earlier in the story on top then, they both crash onto a boat!!! How exciting is that? This book is full of surprises and keeps the kids anticipating for what is next to come. Everyone goes flying in the air then into the water, and The Black Hatter is annoyed beyond explanation when he is told again “Try them! Try them!” Sam-I-Am’s persistence paid off and The Black Hatter tried the repulsive green eggs and ham after Sam agreed to leave him alone. Again, this is another metaphor of patents to children. Parents are not reluctant to give up and children are just too annoyed to fight any longer. As the climax hit and the turning point approaches, so does the expression on Amauri’s face. We watched The Black Hatter eat the green eggs and ham!!! The next words spoken were “Say! I like green eggs and ham!” Amauri smiled and gleamed from ear to ear as though he was happy the torment was over, and the food was actually appealing. The Black Hatter was smiling too, and wanted to eat the incredible cuisine with any creature at any location. He was excited that he had tried new foods, now he and Sam-I-Am were friends. The way I view the ending is much more than friendship, it is trust. Shall another episode arise that Sam-I-Am asks for The Black Hatter to try another appalling meal, I am sure he would do so without the commotion. This can also be true for parents.
Further analysis can say that the book is simpler than what I have experienced. Taiba Akhtar, author of Guidelines for Philosophical Discussion wrote “Some philosophers might justify the narrator's actions by asserting that it is possible not to like something even when you have not tried it. In this scenario, the fundamental idea is that it’s possible to form judgments through reason without recourse to experience.” I find this statement to be true! However, we are looking at a children’s point of view. Toddlers and Kindergarteners who do not know enough about the world or their surroundings should not be allowed to make...

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