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Casebook 2 Essay

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To: Donald Penchiala
From: Robert Bryce Baber
Date: 2/10/2013
Re: Environmental Scan

After completing the environmental scan, Tanglewood will have a tough time filling the jobs in the future, but there are people ready to fill the jobs. Tanglewood has a written policy that new hires will have to start from the bottom to the managerial spots.
Having a great workforce is key along with have higher quality associates by looking for motivated college graduates. One of the problems Tanglewood might have is that most college grads don’t want to work at the bottom in order to move up to manager’s positions. A lot of people don’t view retail as a great job because it sometimes requires long hours, low pay and conflict with lower-level associates.
The action plan forecast for labor requirements for the next year will be 4845 store associates, 42 shift leaders, 105 department managers, 21 assistant managers, and 5 store managers. With the ...view middle of the document...

Hiring kids still in High School can help out in fill the spots during the peak seasons and possibly having a future Manager. Offering programs that teach associates the ways Tanglewood operates and handles day to day business associated with Tanglewood. It can in turn keep the customer base happy knowing they are getting the best help when in a Tanglewood store.
Tanglewood needs to have a greater Staffing quantity and staffing quality strategies developing talent, internal hire plus exceptional workforce quality are important. Tanglewood is currently using a differentiation strategy, and believes in keeping a strong culture. The competition is companies like Target and Kohl’s. Making Tanglewood different in the style and having a high quality of staff will help in making the distinction from the competition.
Tanglewood wants the have the philosophy into the future Tanglewood needs to use the strategies for developing talent, hiring within and having the best workforce quality. By using these strategies it will help in separating Tanglewood from its competition while keeping a strong culture. Developing talent can be one of the best ways to save money. When hiring new associates Tanglewood can teach the new associates how the company was designed to function .Asking for input from associates can boost one’s worth to the company’s performance and increasing that feeling of being a part of something.
Not having to go external for new associates and allowing associates to work their way up the ladder while learning the ends and outs on how Tanglewood operates. By doing so it will help the company’s culture. By working you way up associates will have a better understanding of the culture within Tanglewood.
Exceptional workforce quality is the best strategies instead of an ok workforce. Tanglewood is marketing towards the middle and the upper class. By having a camping theme and camping gear along with great prices Tanglewood is making themselves standout from the competitors. Having an exceptional workforce will mean hiring associates that hold the same passion about Tanglewood, and having great customer service. Having great customer service will show that you care about the customer which in turn brings back return customers.

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