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Case: Unequal Equal Supervisors Essay

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1. How have the inaccurate performance ratings created more problems?
The inaccurate performance rating created an ethical dilemma for Hubert Johnson. Rating both employees the same even though one is more capable can lead him to making the wrong decision when retaining one supervisor for the job. This in turn can cause adverse consequences for the company. For instance, it’s quite clear that Neil will be the appropriate choice to help lead the company reach its goals. But since the company requires the person with ...view middle of the document...

As noted in the text, if any part of the appraisal process fails, better-performing employees may not receive larger pay increases, and the result in perceived inequity in compensation. Accurate evaluations can provide justification for actions such as, termination or demotion should they be necessary. Either employee can file a lawsuit against the company.

3. What course of action would you recommend that Hubert take? Explain your rationale for taking this action.
I would definitely recommend Hubert to do the right thing, which would be to temporarily demoting Harriet. Though it might be difficult to go back and make changes to the performance appraisals done 10 months ago, Hubert can do another appraisal for both employees. Besides, the next yearly appraisal for them is only two months away. This time Hubert should accurately rate both supervisors based on their performances and leadership skills. Conducting an early review will give Hubert a chance to do performance appraisal based on job analysis and job duties and responsibilities. Then he can keep the right individual for the job and he will have documentation to back up his decision

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