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Case The Customer Service Agent Essay

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Compensation Management
Assignment one
Case 1: The customer service agent

Case 1: The Customer Service Agent Case
Question one: Does the Day Diary include sufficient information?
The day diary conducted includes sufficient information. The day diary includes a full day for one employee working as a customer service agent. Through the information provided it reveals the different activities conducted throughout the day. These data can help to identify the different tasks, responsibilities and the work environment inside the organization. The data can support to have a whole picture on the organization main objectives, duties and some policies included in the organization. The given ...view middle of the document...

Job Content
* Tasks conducted in the job :
* Handling buckets of email.
* Answer phone call.
* Search the database.
* Reply to customer complains.
* Handling customers.
* Answer both the buyer and the seller.
* Inform the customer and the seller with action performed if any.
* Trust and safety work (Investigating fraud).
* Answer the customer questions.
* Pass information between buyers and seller.
* Resolve the occasional dispute.
* Personalize each message.
* Giving attention to the customer.
* Take more time to answer the customer specific questions.
* Activities conducted in the job :
* Giving the customer correct information such as the example that the customer service agent can request from the seller a date for the shipment and tracking number then send this information to the buyer in case of shipment delayed. Another example getting from the database an answer about the direct deposit linking the customers of transaction with their checking accounts.
* Solve customer issues: through solving the customers problems, act as a mediator between buyer and seller. Calming the customer if needed. Resolve the dispute. Act as a crucial link between the customer and the website.

* Performance Criteria:
* In the day diary there was no clear explanation of the performance criteria. Based on the text we can interpret that performance conducted by an employee as Mr.rayan fields from 60-100 mails daily.
* Concerning phone calls the performance based on the diary is six phone calls daily.
* Most messages are answered within 24 hours.
* Employees receive quarter bonus beside the wages.

* Critical Incident:
* Insure excellence in customer service. try to favor the customer and maximize the customer service to have a competitive advantage over its competitors’.
* Fraud investigation. Contact both parties make sure no fraud occur between the buyer and seller.
* Refund customers in specific cases either through seller or the company itself in case if the seller conducted a dispute
* Conflicting demands:
* The customer service agent deals with different parties both are considered customers but totally different parties: the buyer and the seller. For example try to handle the buyer and send to the seller to take an action. After getting respond from the seller forward this respond to the buyer. This is considered to be conflicting demands.
* Working conditions:
* The physical work conditions can be considered to be very good based on the day diary. The employees have kitchen, cafeteria with lounge. The physical work condition also contains satellite television playing espn, bing bong table and foosball table. This indicates that the work environment is considered to be interested and include different activities to the employees allowing them to have pleasurable time in...

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