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Case Summary Using Cbt Essay

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Case Conceptualization using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Michelle Banks
Liberty University

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a short-term, problem-focused, and goal-orientated form of psychotherapy. CBT is a form of treatment that focuses on the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Dysfunctional automatic thoughts, maladaptive assumptions, and maladaptive behaviors are three focuses of CBT. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most extensively researched forms of psychotherapy. There are various ethical issues and several multi-cultural issues that need to be considered with CBT case formulation. Intake discussions with client and ...view middle of the document...

Human Nature and Counseling Process
CBT is a form of treatment that focuses on the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behavior (Murdock, 2013). CBT therapists believe that there is a connection between thoughts and emotions and that both have influence on behaviors. CBT therapists teach clients on how they may not be able to control what is happening around them, they can change how they think which will impact how they feel and act even though the situation may not change.
Dysfunctional automatic thoughts, maladaptive assumptions, and maladaptive behaviors are three focuses of CBT. Dysfunctional automatic thoughts are thoughts that come spontaneously and seem plausible. However, they are a reflection of distorted perceptions that are associated with negative feelings. Some of the types of dysfunctional automatic thoughts are mind reading, labeling, fortunetelling, catastrophizing, dichotomous thinking, and discounting positives. Maladaptive assumptions include ideas about what you think you should be doing. They are rules by which the beholder thinks he or she needs to live by. Maladaptive behaviors are behaviors that are unsuitable for certain situations and hinder the person’s ability to adapt.
The therapeutic relationship is an essential part of CBT (Beck, 2011). A CBT therapist needs to seek to build and maintain the therapeutic relationship at each therapy session (Wright & Davis, 1994). In addition, great emphasis is placed on collaboration. It is crucial to the success of the treatment for the therapist and client to work together in creating common goals in treatment (Dattilio & Hanna, 2012).
Homework is another important component of CBT (Dozois, 2010). Homework encourages the client’s active participation in therapy. It reinforces key concepts from the session and allows the client to implement solutions. Research indicates that there is an association between homework and successful treatment outcomes and symptom reduction.

Efficacy of CBT
Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most extensively researched forms of psychotherapy (Murdock, 2013). According to Butler, Chapman, Forman, and Beck (2006), a review of 16 high-quality meta-analyses treatment outcomes for CBT support the efficacy of CBT for many disorders. At the time of Butler et al’s (2006) review there were 325 publish outcome studies on cognitive behavioral interventions. The disorders that CBT is effective with include: unipolar depression, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social phobia, childhood anxiety and depression, bulimia nervosa, substance use disorders, and transdiagnostic symptoms such as anger, impulsivity, and chronic pain.
Ethical and Multicultural Issues
There are various ethical issues that need to be considered with CBT case formulation. The personal values Section A.4.b of the 2014 American Counseling Association (ACA) Code of Ethics requires that:
Counselors are aware of – and...

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