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Case Study: Approaches to Ethical Dilemmas

Case Study: Approaches to Ethical Dilemmas
In the case of Lydia; But I Consider Myself to Be Credentialed, there are ethical issues and boundaries that are being crossed. Over her extensive career in the medical coding field, Lydia maintains her continued education requirements, but did not maintain her certifications with AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association) or RHIA (Registered Health Information Administrator). Per her college connections, she is able to maintain steady work. However, her college friends do not check her certifications. They also accept her excuses as to why the proof is not available ...view middle of the document...

It could also cause legal trouble for the employer if the staff is not properly credentialed or up to date on their certifications.
3. Matilda and Fernando are close friends. Matilda suspects that Fernando may not be aware of Lydia's credential status. Should she alert him of the issue as a colleague? Why or why not?
This one is a little tricky. Yes, she should make him aware of the issue so that he is knowledgeable about the status. No, she should not because it would be breaking confidentiality of her employer as well as her confidentiality with Lydia.
4. How should Matilda respond to Lydia following the survey?
Matilda should follow up with Lydia regarding her certification status. She should be given a certain amount of time to make them active again.
5. What legal and ethical issues are addressed in this case?
There are ethical and legal issues of improper certifications, misrepresentation, confidentiality, and records keeping. This includes fraud. Scott (2006) stated, “Fraud is defined as as false misrepresentation of a material fact, made with the intent to deceive, which causes another person to take some action detrimental to his or her own (or the public’s) interest.”
6. Using the case method, evaluate possible actions that should be taken and determine the best option.
I think that the best course of action at the end point of all the previous activity is to place Lydia on a temporary “suspension” while she gets her certifications in order. I do not believe that she should be allowed to continue in her capacity at either job without regaining those certifications. It is understandable that life happens, but she should still be held to the standards put forth in the ethical codes.
Therapeutic Approach
Lydia has not shown great enthusiasm for keeping her certifications up to date. There have been moments where she has tried to address the situation, but she did not follow through. Kultgen (1988) stated, “misrepresentations of reality inevitably creep in because of the role of ideologies”. Ideologies are an aspect that while shortly discussed in ethics, are often times over looked because an individual “knows” someone. Unfortunately, this a breach of the ethics code involving record keeping. Current and accurate records are a necessity for both client and worker (NOHS, 2015, Responsibility to the Profession). In this situation, a behavioral approach is necessary. Stressing the importance of staying up to date, and reporting accurately, and not misrepresenting certifications are important to the ethics involved with responsibility to the profession and with the responsibility to the client.
Ethical Issues and Approach
With the ethical issues already mentioned, there are others that have not been addressed. Mainly, the issue with Lydia is that she breaking the code of ethics of responsibility to the profession, responsibility to employer, responsibility to colleagues, and responsibility...

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