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Case Study Value Alignment

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A pharmacist started the Coca- Cola Company in 1886. Dr. John Pemberton schlepped the magical formula to the nearest pharmacy that was Jacob’s in the downtown area of Atlanta. At the pharmacy, the doctor mixed the syrup with carbonated water where they sold it for five cents a glass. The original formula actually included cocaine. Now the company went from one product to five hundred and sold in one state and now worldwide. The company went from averaging eight drinks a day and now surpasses $1.8 billion. Coke is one of the world’s languages that is understood anywhere you go. The company sells product in over two hundred countries. Their mission statement is,” At the Coca-Cola ...view middle of the document...

The observing of our family, religious leaders, educators, or employers our individual values can emerge. Measures taken to accomplish an objective are actions. Actions happen spontaneously or are organized. Our behavior is the manner in which we act. Our everyday decisions and behavior affect the individual values we deeply believe.
Trust, respect, and success are some common values that individuals see important. We are able to believe in each other and open up about our concerns with trust. We allow doctors and therapist to shape our lives because we believe in them. Respect is a value that can be in the form of words or behavior. Listening to others and keeping an open mind are the values of a respectful individual. Regard for them, others, and environment is shown by respectful. People that work to make progress believe in success. They have goals that they are determined to complete.
Who we are and how we act is determined our values, actions, and behaviors. Behaviors that cause people less issues and more progress are often imitated. The world becomes a better place when people believe in a set of values that set the norm for society. It makes for a safer world, happier people, and a cleaner environment. Our values indicate what we believe is the most appropriate way to act and behave.
Degree of alignment
When looking at Coca Cola’s stated values versus those that they live by them are very much alike across the board. Coca Cola holds a refreshing standard as the icon for which they present to the world, the often-associated term is “ahhh”. This type of sound has been used for decades in showing a sign for a refreshing product. Coca Cola has created value in their product; no matter where you go you can always find a can of Coca Cola close by with that refreshing taste inside you can remember as if it were the first time. Coca Cola believes that its consumers make the company and the employees make the product. Without the consumer, Coca Cola would not be here today.
It is presumable that the degree of alignment is right on target with the Coca Cola Company. No matter where Coca Cola has taken up space on the shelf at any store, they have produced a unique product, with a unique flavor, to that specific region of the world. Coca Cola is all about the people that work in their factories and the customers that continue to consume the products that they manufacture. Truly an innovation and an inspiration too many businesses trying to make it in the trying times of this world.
The differences and the degree of alignment between your values
Knowing the values, which drive an organization, is important in understanding how decisions are made within the organization. Every company, based on its members and overall vision, determine what values are most meaningful and integral to the future and success to their organization. In the example of Team C, our values rely upon, integrity, communication, motivation,...

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