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Case Study The Personality Of Hr People

641 words - 3 pages

Basa, Adrian
Contreras, Jules Duke
Demeterio, Jaykee Ramiro
Fernando, Arnold Vincent

MGT 104 Case Studies
The Personality of HR People
Case Questions:
Q1. If you were an HR specialist, which category would you prefer to be and why?

Our group would prefer the consummate professional. (The Consummate Professional according to Wilson (2013) is usually coming from a confused lower middle class family background and may describe themselves as working class. Became aware early that life was unfair. Brought up to respect authority, parents became anxious when exam results were not as expected. Feels honoured by the challenging projects given to them by the company, but confused as to why reward involves being given more challenges to deal with.)
We can observe on how experiences would play its role and have influences in shaping personality. Personalities can either be gained through genes or by the influences of the ...view middle of the document...

We could also see that persons with the maximum impact personality are also competitive but it is to the extent that it would be too over competitive and that’s why we chose consummate professional over maximum impact.
Q2. To what extent do you consider that you could change the type of person that you are (perhaps in order to gain promotion) within that classification?

We could change ourselves to the extent where we will be able cope up with every challenges life could offer and to have a positive change in the personality where we are classified. As for us, the consummate professionals, we could change by accepting the assumption that when rewards are given, more challenges are given to be dealt with since the company recognized our skills and capabilities in doing the tasks. We must be resilient and must not be confused as to why reward involves being given more challenges to deal with. However, we must be on a peaceful mind in deciding whether the challenges would be accepted since it could be a great opportunity for us or we would not accept it for it would not be worth it.

Q3. Could this approach offer any value in categorizing people that work in HR? In what way would such categorization be useful and why or why not?

Yes, it could be a guide for managers to what personality should be prioritized. It doesn’t mean that when we chose consummate professionals, it would become the dominant personality, since the organization and people have different perceptions. However, we must not overgeneralize the characteristics of the people stated in every category since the situations of every people are not the same and there are factors affecting the behavior of each person in every situation.
It would be useful in the way that managers could distinguish the characteristics and the life backgrounds of the HR people, and the manager would know how to deal with them considering their backgrounds. But on the other hand, it would not be that useful since every person has a different situation.

Robbins S. (1998). Organizational Behavior Eighth edition. Prentice Education Asia Pte Ltd.

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