Case Study: The Cannon Company

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Case Study: The Dannon Company

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Case Study: The Cannon Company
Dannon Company was among the US subsidiary of Danone, which was one of the largest health-focused companies in the whole world. Its global business centered on fresh dairy such as active yoghurt, medical nutrition, baby nutrition and the bottled water. In 2008, Dannon did manufactured and also marketed the fresh dairy products in US and they became number 2 player in domestic yoghurt market. Dannon’s marketing efforts did focused on the growing US yoghurt consumption and expanding the category, and this was while growing the brands. Dannon has been ...view middle of the document...

Communication with customers will help in focusing efforts around the children’s nutrition education in manners that are pertinent to any region. The other benefit is that communication will help in the development of customers via various activities such as the “danone way”. This is a management tool that is meant to enable managers to assess the performance among the multiple dimensions such as environment, ethics, and quality among others. In addition, there is the integration of the social goals. In essence, the company did create the nutritional education initiatives and updated the nutritional formulas of many products to be healthier. Communication will also help in bringing closer the customers and the company, and this is achieved mostly by actively involving the local communities through provision of product donations (Marquis, Et al, 2010).
Communication will improve the nature. In essence, Dannon have taken some stance on sustainability, and this will make them achieve some target of carbon neutrality of the most of his products by 2011. Communication will help Dannon and their suppliers to promote environmentally farming practices and also plan on advancing tools that incorporate sustainable development indicators into supplier monitoring and evaluation. Danone trains and communicate the broader company values. The communication of programs ensures there is cultural cohesion and it helps in outlining the practices that Dannon operates. The communication of company values helps in the communication of humanism, enthusiasm, openness and proximity. There are no major risks unto the company if promotes communication in the company (Marquis, Et al, 2010).
Impact of a Corporate Parent
Having a corporate parent played a great role in Dannon’s decision concerning whether to externally communicate its CSR programs. The corporate parent helped Dannon value collaborative decision making and hence, the major strategy and resource allocation decisions were presented to the executive committee, in which case it represented the major parts of Dannon’s business. Therefore, the corporate parent’s global strategy and mission did influence the decisions of Dannon. The corporate parent also had some impact on products of Dannon. Dannon was able to sell and also produce six million cups of yoghurt per day in almost 100 favors, sizes and styles. Then it covered various categories such as light, proactive light among others. The practice even became the vital area of growth and competitive differentiation for Dannon since the launch active (Frynas, 2009)
Corporate parent also had some impact on marketing strategy of Dannon. In essence, Dannon was able to benefit from growth in the US yoghurt consumption, and hence it centered its marketing strategy on rising category relevance per capita consumption. The corporate parent made Dannon to focus on providing products that can deliver some high health benefit, and then communicating such benefit in...

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