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Case Study Review

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Case Study Review
Rebekah Gardner
BSHS 335
November 04, 2015
Stephanie Chupein

Case Study Review
A father arrives at the Methodist Hospital with his six-year-old son Tavion Robinson. Tavion is suffering from a broken arm and abrasions. Tavion’s father advises the hospital that Tavion fell from the jungle gym at the park. Tavion’s father displays reluctance to Tavion being left alone with hospital staff. Emergency room staff suspects that Tavion’s injuries did not happen as his father reported because the abrasions were too clean. Tavion’s abrasions would not have been so clean if brought in immediately after his fall from the jungle gym. While Tavion was undergoing his x-ray, ...view middle of the document...

If the records are released to the mother without the father’s permission; this could pose a legal issue. Having empathy for the mother in this situation is common but without all the information one should not allow that empathy to override the Code of Ethics.
At this point, one would advise Tavion’s mother of the father’s request. In the State of Florida, however, a custodial parent only means that the child resides with that parent. Both parents can have joint custody and both have legal rights to the child’s records. The record keeper should also advise Tavion’s father that if Tavion’s mother has the proper documentation, the records would be released to her, and he would be notified should that situation arise. Without a court document that explains the situation, it is best not to release the records and advise the mother to contact The Department of Children and Families (DCF) to report her suspicions and request that DCF complete an investigation as to the possible abuse to Tavion by his father.
It is important that the record keeping department maintains confidentiality in this case without the proper court documents stating otherwise. If Tavion’s mother has documentation stating that she has joint custody, one should then notify the father of the request for information and records as he requested and release the records to Tavion’s mother. If not, DCF can begin an immediate investigation into the mother’s accusations, and the mother can petition...

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