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Ricky is a male, 5 year old that lives in a house with his Mother, brothers and sisters. His father is not in the picture, Heather, stay at home mom, is a single mother. Also living in the low income housing. With on extended family within 10 miles, he is looked at by the neighbor when. Rick’s likes are his blanket, dancing, and getting into everything. His dislikes are beets and peas. Rick’s development will be observed at home as a part of a Child Development course at Angelo State College.


Rick was born on May 8, 2007, weighing 5 pounds 12 ounces and was 18 ½ inches tall. At three months, he started sitting up and eating cereal. He slept ...view middle of the document...

He can do the puzzles that require putting pieces on the board, but he can not to the puzzles that create a picture yet. When he draws he mostly scribbles which is not
normal for his age because he is not in the Scribbling Stage (Woolfolk, 2013). But when you asked him what he drew, he does not answer he only points at it and says his universal word, “That”.


Ricky responds to two different sounds and voices. But he did not always respond to them. Ricky could follow things with his eyes; one thing he would always follow was his mother. He would also imitate others; one person I have noticed that he imitates regularly is his brother. He also learned how to put objects in and out of containers. He looks at thing for a reasonably long amount of time when he is curious. Ricky talks with words and gestures. Sometime the words are not clear especially when he is excited. He does not like to sit still enough for stories time, but he will watch “Finding Nemo” over and over. To him, it is called, “fishy”. He also likes Sesame
Street, more specifically he likes Elmo and he knows his name. If you hide an object he will look for it, but he will not just go and look for an object if told, unless it is his shoes or coat. Ricky has started to show signs of memory and assimilation. One example of this is pots and pans because his mom cooks with them and they are hot, he told me that the frying pan I was making something to eat on the stove. He pointed and said “hot, hot”. Ricky will respond to simple directions. If you tell him to pick up the trash, like a wrapper or gummy bag, he will throw it

away. He would pick up his toys if told too, most of the time. He has also started to use problem solving to figure things out. They shut doors to keep him out of things and he figured out how to open them so that he can still get to the things he wants and they will not let him have.


She believes that nature had a role in his personality because Ricky has her temper. Ricky seems to be pretty open about his emotions. When he is mad, he screams. When he is hurt, he cries. When he has done something wrong and has gotten in trouble he simply looks down and gets sad. He has grown up with Angie being home with him all the time; Heather does cook sometimes so that may have an effect too. Ricky is known as the tornado, not because of temper but because he is very energetic and he gets into things a lot. He enjoys playing with everything from anyone’s shoes to Little People toys. When he came in for the observation he actually showed his love of taking people’s shoes because...

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