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Case Study On Jose's Restaurant

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Question 1

How quality should is defined at this restaurant?

ANSWER: Quality is the term used by the customer to describe their general satisfaction with a service or product. Customers, internal or external, are satisfied when their expectations regarding a service or product have been met or exceeded.

Quality at Joses restaurant should be defined by service, value, reliability of the experience and overall customers’ satisfaction. The quality of a product is defined as whether it fulfills its stated specifications. Customer satisfaction should be at the top priority for the restaurant. Customer satisfaction is the measurement of a product or service that meets or exceeds ...view middle of the document...

If the food is not good and fresh then the total taste of the food will not be what the customer wants. The cook at Jose’s is stressed out and not happy with the quality of food that has been getting from the external supplier. The food in the Joses restaurant should be better quality and fresh. Prepared the good food to meet customer needs and delivered to customers on time to the table. One of the rules of manager should be check the quality food. Food hygiene and spotlessness is another essential characteristic of quality in the restaurant. We could use Six Sigma Improvement Model for improve the quality of food in Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant on busy time. We can use it only for Friday and Saturday nights. Six Sigma which relies heavily on the principles of total quality management, is a comprehensive and flexible system for achieving, sustaining, and maximizing business success by minimizing defects and variability in processes. It is driven by a close understanding of customer needs and diligent attention to managing, improving, and reinventing business processes. Process variability causes customer dissatisfaction. Six Sigma is a rigorous approach to align processes with the restaurant target performance measures with low variability. The Six Sigma Improvement Model has five steps procedure that leads to improvements in process performance.

Question 2

What are the restaurant’s costs of poor quality?

ANSWER: The key of a successful restaurant business is always keep high standard environment and serve fresh good quality foods. Also make happy and satisfied customer that will want to come back and will tell others of their good dining experience. Time maintains is very important in a good successful business. Customer will not come back if the preparation time and the release time for the meals do not improve at Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant. Restaurant will be lost their customers if the stay time to be seated does not reduce. Another important is the quality of food and customers always want fresh and tasty food. If the food is not good then the total flavor of the meal will not be what the external customer needs. The result of these entire problems in Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant will lose business. When the customers are not happy with the food and management then the whole restaurant suffers and possibly having to shut down. Karetski and other waiters do not get their tips because the poor quality of food. The customer will not give tips well if they have a bad dining experience and they will not tell others. So the restaurant will be lose their customer and business will be down. As we know that cost of poor qualities are

External Failure Costs

These are costs associated with defects found after the product or service has been delivered to the customer. In other words, the customer discovered the defect. So, these costs might include: customer service contacts, processing customer service...

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