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Case Study Mkt

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Prince Sports has been improving the lives of people through tennis since 1970. With their innovative product design, vast line of products, and wide range of consumers. Looking at current trends one could suggest that Prince may want to consider new tactics/marketing schemes. Reach out to a larger global market look at how this may benefit them in the future.

In the 21st Century Prince Sports really should consider the current trends in marketing and how they could work for or against their success in the tennis industry. Considering, as stated by The Wall Street Journal, “Prince Sports Inc., filed for bankruptcy protection as it struggles to compete with better-equipped rivals.” ...view middle of the document...

Prince could try to hone in more on Families. Promote families to get outside, be active, and do things they can enjoy together. Even Grandma and Grandpa could join in the fun. We all know that the older population is growing fast, the number of baby boomers turning 65 rises every day. This generation is interested in staying active, and staying healthy. Marketing to this group could increase sales. Especially if combined with a “Value Brand” approach that is available at mass merchants such as Target and Wal-Mart. This value brand is the same great product that Prince delivers without all the fancy technologies that the pro athletes require. Products geared to the recreational/novice players. The product is offered at a much more affordable price which will entice families to engage in a less expensive activity that benefits everyone. Also, with the lack of technology novice players may find products more appealing. Sometimes innovation and technology can hinder a company. People want to just pick up a racquet and play and all the numbers and gibberish can be quite confusing.

When trying to reach global markets beyond the United States, Prince should really research countries where they are not the leading sales and why so they can determine how to exceed the current competition. They should also look at countries where tennis may be up and coming. Consumers in these regions may lack knowledge. Prince could be...

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