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Case Study King Arthur Flour

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King Arthur Flour has built a company from a unique culture, centered on a baking community, which eagerly seeks out the high quality and chemical free baking products. The iconic label represents personality traits consumers can relate to such as honesty, purity, and superior strength (Keller, 2013, p. ). As a small company with products used extensively by bakers around the world, King Arthur Flour employee owned company regularly contributes to the future direction of the business (Godes & Mayzlin, 2007, p. 724). This paper will demonstrate how King Arthur made a marketing program from a baking company and their baking activities into a unique business and ...view middle of the document...

Having a business built on customer relationships and a product known for its name is what King Arthur Flour has dedicated resources to in creating strong relationship ties to the name and the products (Roth, 1995, p. 165).
The brands of King Arthur Flour Company have evolved over time by incorporating its products into use in local bakeries, cooking classrooms and a specialty designed building built to welcome tourist by offering products, baked goods, cooking demonstrations and a café for tourist to sit and enjoy the companies baked products (Keller, 2013, p. ……..). King Arthur Flour Company has evolved to become recognized globally from their outreach programs in local schools to not only teach children the art of baking through the sciences but also to provide food to the local food back to help others in need (Godes & Mayzlin, 2007, p. 727).
King Arthur Flour Company has the ability to grow and expand at a rapid rate. During the early 1990’s, the company’s growth was quite fast, which studies have shown, too fast of growth could cause the loss of an established strong foundation of a consumer relationship (Roth, 1995). The importance of cultivating customer relationships, which grows over time, comes from trust, honesty and engagement the company provides business to business and business to customer. To remain successful the customer relationship management is a large part of a business model (Fetscherin & Hellmann, 2015). King Arthur Flour limits it growth to be able to remain fully engaged with consumers, continue to engage with the baking community and strengthen its partnership with current and potential new customers (Keller, 2013, p. xxxx).
Brand Transition
King Arthur’s transition from a flour company to a complete baking company first started when the market for flour started to drop and due to the slow economic growth, consumers were more willing to buy lower cost flour rather than investing in a more expensive brand (Godes & Mayzlin, 2007, p. 728). King Arthur Flour, originally known as Sands, Taylor & Wood Company, decided to expand the company by selling baking items to complement their slipping flour sales in creating a brand partnership between the companies baking products and baking equipment (Keller, 2013, p. xxxx). But with the acquisition of a smaller company of pie filling, rising interest rates and declining sales, Sands, Taylor & Wood Company needed a change and many assets were sold off in a divestment, except the original flour product where was kept and the company was renamed King Arthur Flour (Bridges, Keller. & Snood, 2000, p. 29).
The company turned inward and became an employee own company taking the symbolic honest and pure name of King Arthur (Keller, 2013, p.xxxx). Having an employee owned business creates an employee shared commitment of engagement to make the business succeed. (Fetscherin, & Hellmann, 2015, p. 67). This transition was created by the employees since each wanted to provide unique...

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