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Case Study Jim

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Case Study Jim Paper

Case Study Jim Paper


This document will take a look at a case, the case will be regarding Jim, an individual that has difficulties with being socially accepted and deals with awkwardness, being accepted into groups, and keeping relationships with family and friends. Throughout the document, we will examine six different elements related to this situation that Jim is dealing with. By taking a look at the six elements regarding Jim’s behaviors, we will delve into the DSM-IV looking at each of the six elements and we will attempt to isolate the disorder in the DSM-IV that fits Jim’s situation. In these pages, it is hoped that we can find a rational ...view middle of the document...

Essentially, any one person that displays unusual behaviors, acts different from accepted behavior in society, or displays any unusual actions can be labeled as abnormal in society. According to Butcher, a DSM-IV definition is defined as a psychological condition, a clinical behavior, or a pattern an individual displays. There are many reasons that can correlate to the behaviors such as disabilities, distresses, and impairments in one’s functioning ability (Butcher, 2010).
Jim’s Mental Disorder
As listed in the DSM-IV, Jim’s behaviors are categorized by a few elements including social discomfort, irrationality, unpredictability behavior, and inability to adapt to situations around Jim. Because of these disorders that Jim is dealing with, it is easy to indicate that Jim does indeed have a disability that he is suffering from. In essence, based on information in the DSM-IV and other data known about Jim, it would appear that Jim is dealing with a depression disorder or an inability to adapt disorder. As an indication, Jim has no desire to build relationships including a lack of desire to form a family of his own. According to the case study, Jim is a person who prefers to spend time alone and interacts with family on special occasions. Further evidence indicates that Jim is awkward, fails to pick up on social cues and react accordingly, this can put Jim into areas such as socially uncomfortable, acting irrational, and be very unpredictable in his behavior including being harshly honest on topics of discussions.

Jim’s Mental Disorder Associations
The behavior that Jim is suffering from is related to many significant issues including issues such as being irrational, suffering, being unpredictable, and being awkward in social settings, as it were, it appears that Jim is dealing with a disorder related to depression or a disorder making it difficult to adapt to situations or mal-adaptive. At the point that Jim is diagnosed and learns of his disorder; there is potential for Jim to alter the way that he lives out his life. I feel like this point would help bring an understanding to Jim and his situation overall, “Where the adjustment behavior is interrupted, delayed, modified, or repressed, that is, where a crisis arises, where a wish or a set cannot be realized in consummator action, an attitude takes its place” (Sherman, p.238 Para 11 1941). Even if actions are related to aspect deviancy, an individual that conveys their true thoughts could possibly suggest that the person has some sort of authority. Although being harshly honest on a topic, it is accepted socially that individuals have every right to convey their true feelings without backlash or an assumption of a disorder being assumed. As stated in the DSM-IV, a person that behaves in...

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