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Case Study Format

635 words - 3 pages

Title Page

Executive Summary
The purpose of the Executive Summary is to consolidate the principal points of your paper in one place. It must cover the information in the paper in enough detail to reflect accurately its contents but concisely enough to permit a public or non-profit agency executive to digest the significance of the paper without having to read it in full. The Executive Summary is a comprehensive restatement of the document’s purpose, scope, methods, results, conclusions, findings, and recommendations. The Executive Summary should be proportional to the length of your paper. For purposes of the Capstone paper, we recommend a 500-word Executive ...view middle of the document...

g. random, key informants, discuss techniques for data collection, e.g. interviews, questionnaire, document review, study of case files, and explain the underlying rationale for these decisions. It may be useful to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen design.
A case study is the study of the particularity and complexity of a single case. Relevant cases will include public and not-for-profit administrators and their programs. Most often, these cases will be embedded in a political system in which actors exercise power and influence over processes and decisions. We are interested in cases for both their uniqueness and commonality. Cases are "bounded, integrated systems;" hence, we observe working parts that connect people with programs in some sort of purposive fashion. Some cases are so important in themselves that we focus on studying their intrinsic qualities. Other cases are applicable to important public administration and public policy questions. Hence, they are considered instrumental to understanding larger issues

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