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In April, Monica Carrolls, Operations Supervisor of ABC, Inc. hired a new campus recruiter named Carl Robins. Carl was experienced with the recruiter training; he had successfully hired and recruited several people prior to his six-month employment with ABC, Inc. This new job was his first recruitment effort of setting up his personal orientation training.Monica Carrolls, the CEO, scheduled a new hire orientation for the 15 new hires for June the 15th. All new hires were expected to be on the job and working by July 15th. She contacted Carl and provided him with all the training issues involved in the recruitment process. These issues included the training schedules, orientation, manuals, ...view middle of the document...

Why not reinforce the excitement that the new hire has arrived?" (2) Develop positive perceptions about the employer. For one thing, the supervisor should be personally involved in orientation, says Cadwell. The boss should be present at the start of the workday, at lunchtime, and at the end of the day. If the supervisor has a lunchtime conflict, she should arrange a lunch partner for the new employee. (3) Confirm the job decision. The employee should finish his first day feeling that he has made the right choice and has joined just the type of company he wants to work for.(4) Reduce training time. If the employee feels comfortable in his surroundings and hastaken care of details, such as signing up for benefits he will be able to focus on training. "Don't spend the whole day doing paperwork and procedures." Cadwell says, "Spread it out and do a little bit each day." (5) Put new employees at ease. The experience should make them feel comfortable with their workplace and with their colleagues.It is necessary to make a list of all required issues needed in the recruitment process. Failure to do so can cause the new employee to be left to sink or swim. The result is often a confused new employee who is not productive and more likely will leave the organization within a year. Based on the information supplied by Caldwell. it is important that the new hire programs are carefully planned to educate the new hires to the values, the history, and who is who in the organization. A breakdown is needed in setting up how each issue will be done and the necessary preparations involved in setting up these issues.Including an additional person from the company to handle all new materials to be supplied to new recruits would be useful. These materials must be up to date for company specifications. This includes important current information about the company's job information, medical, and vacations. The recruiter could implement the recruitment training during this period. The company secretary or receptionist if available, could help make preparations for the training sessions and make reservations for the recruits physical and...

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