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Case Study Emily

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Case Summary Emily
Irene Brito
Liberty University


Emily Cortez is a 14 year old Hispanic teenager who was brought into counseling by her mother Grace Cortez because her daughter has been losing a substantial amount of weight since she started high school. She has lost a total of 45 pounds since the beginning of the school year which was only a month before. Emily is the middle child in her family. Emily has a younger sister named Cynthia Cortez and an older sister named Yasmin Cortez. Emily’s favorite things to do are dance and sing so this year she decided that she wanted to join the band following ...view middle of the document...

Grace updated both Emily and Yasmin about their aunt Lisa and said that the doctors found five tumors in her brain and that her lungs were shutting down. Emily and Yasmin went to a corner of the football field where they were practicing their new band performance to cry and hug each other. Sandra came back from New York that evening and informed Emily and Yasmin that she had signed a DNR (Do not resecitate) form because she would not want Aunt Lisa to suffer any longer. Emily then felt the reality that her aunt Lisa may pass. Emily asked her mother Grace if they could go back up to New York in order for Emily to see her aunt Lisa before anything worse happens and Grace agreed. They were to leave that very weekend. Thursday morning while Emily was on her way to band camp, they received a devastating phone call that Lisa had passed away. Emily was devastated. Grace had to go up to New York and identify Lisa’s body and decide on a burial or cremation for Lisa. This time Emily accompanied her mother to New York. When the doctor...

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