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Case Study #5
Analyze the Case
1. I think that Ms. New did the right thing by reassuring the skeptical community member that she will do the best job that she can do. She was not involved in the selection of her position. She is not a part of the politics and did the right thing because she does not know what damage her further commentary could do to the sensitive situation. Her decision to not report the incident was flawed because it will or could quickly become a game of he said, she said. If the incident was documented that would be proof that there is an issue with the constituents that were solely against her being placed into her position. Reporting it would have shown that ...view middle of the document...

Jones’ respect. I say this because it is like a fire. If you stir it, it gets bigger and if you leave it alone it will run its course and die out. Ms. Jones has already begun to undermine her authority by rallying her powers of persuasion on the teachers to give them her permission to have her classes back. She is basically at an all out war with Ms. Jones. But a one sided war will soon end. Ms. New must hold her ground, follow policy to the letter and document and notate any and every instance where Ms. Jones is out of line. She should also conduct herself in a professional manner that commands respect from those she encounters. Ms. Jones will be at every turn and every venture to harp on her mistakes, but knowing that will make her a stronger administrator. I would suggest that she even go as far as to contact human resources to inform them of the problem so that she is well within her rights do her job as an administrator. Ms. Jones is out to get her and she has both community and school based ties. Ms. New has to put this issue out in the open so if it becomes to a legal battle she has documentation and a history of trying to do the right thing.
Discuss the Larger Issues
1. I think that the usual formula that many schools use is that new teachers get the remedial classes and veteran teaches get the advanced classes. I think that this is the wrong thing to do. I think it may be the easiest and the most comfortable for veteran teachers, but it is still not in the best interest of the students. I do think that within reason (two prep maximum) that teachers should have exposure to multiple levels. I also feel that a rotation schedule and teacher input should be considered. I feel that teacher’s individual strengths and weaknesses should be assessed and that along with the rotation and request should determine the scheduling. The other issue is certification. Although gifted certification is not a requirement to teach advanced courses I do thing that teachers having that responsibility should have some training dealing with gifted education or be required to achieve certification.
2. This question is really heartfelt for me because in the system that I work politics mean everything. Many times it is not what you know but who you know that can determine whether or not you will receive a position. I know...

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