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Case Study Comm 215

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ABC Inc. is a small Midwest company priding themselves on their timely service and high quality products. ABC Inc. is planning to expand in the summer. Boosting their production lines to output more merchandise can only be done with a larger workforce. For the company to expand ABC turns to their Operations Supervisor Monica Carrols to help with this change. Monica is a veteran with ABC and is the most qualified for the task at hand. With Monica heading the operations and Carl Robins under her management, they should achieve extraordinary things.
ABC Inc. has a new campus recruiter, which who has been with them for six months. His name is Carl Robins. Carl has his first ...view middle of the document...

Monica Carrolls should have complete control of herself and the employees. For her to carry the title of operations supervisor she needs to be on top of things. Carl needs to be checked in on. Just because Carl was given the task does not mean he is fit for it. Monica should check in on Carl at least Three times a week just to make sure he is doing his part. How can ABC expand if their managers are not able to running efficiently?
Hiring Procedure
The hiring at ABC could have a couple of flaws in them. First Monica hiring Carl; Carl could be good for this position but should have had some more screening in the hiring process. If
the hiring process that Carl is doing; is going the same way that he was hired; there could be a problem for ABC Inc.
Time Management

With two months more than enough time for Carl to complete his work and is prepared for all the new trainees. Carl slacks on all of his duties. Only after being reminded of his duties, by Monica who was checking to see if everything for the trainee’s orientation was complete or close to; was when Carl checked on his work. Carl came to find that mostly everything was going wrong. In Carl’s mind he was the one to blame for all of this.
Proposed Solution
Carl needs to step and solve his problem. Instead of feeling sorry for himself and...

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