Case Study Analysis: The Reluctant Workers

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Case Study Analysis: The Reluctant Workers
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Case Study Analysis: The Reluctant Workers
Tim Aston, a young Project Manager only three months into the company, is experiencing difficulty with the operation of his project. The case study is a dialog between Tim and his director, Phil Davies, concerning the advancement of the project. The analysis is on three of the ten effective program management skills and the improvements that should be made for the project to succeed. The three skills identified and analyzed are team building, leadership, and management support, based on my interpretation of the case ...view middle of the document...

" Managing project human resources, the single most critical resource, is one of the most difficult tasks PMs have." (Dominguez, 2008, p. xx-xx)
Tim exercised open communication with his superiors and his workers; he did not receive the same level of communication. He did not gain a level of respect or support needed to effectively lead the project. Since Tim did not have committed team members, he needed to find out how to motivate his people. He also did not receive any level of support from the director of project management. It appears that every under team-building skills needs improvement.
My suggestion in this area is that Tim research ways to motivate his project staff and learn how to be more assertive so he can earn respect from the older employees. My suggestion for Phil is to become more involved and assist Tim because Phil knows the employees enough to assist Tim in motivating them.
For a program manager to be an effective leader, the program manager must be able to lead the team in a dynamic environment, constantly gathering and dispersing relevant information to keep the project going. It also "involves the ability to integrate individual demands, requirements, and limitations into decisions and to resolve intergroup conflicts. As with a general manager, quality leadership depends heavily on the program manager’s personal experience and credibility within the organization." (Kerzner, 2009, p 150)
The characteristics for effective leadership skills are precise direction and leadership for the project, assistance solving problems when necessary, successfully adjusting new members into the team, ability to handle conflicts between members, ease the process of group decisions, clear communication, plan and help execute commitments, present the team to upper management, and mold solutions to integrate with limited resources. The project manager must have experience, be innovative, persuasive, and organized.
Tim needed to be more persuasive and innovative. The case study implies Tim was inexperienced as a leader. Phil, the project management director, needed to provide Tim with more assistance. Upon knowing Tim needed more experience, Phil needs to become more involved and get Tim integrated into the company. That way, Tim will more effective in his job.
Management Support
The program manager is surrounded by a myriad of organizations that either support him or control his activities. An...

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