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Case Study Analysis For Abc Inc

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The ABC, Inc. Recruiting Experience
* My name is Jane Smith. I am a consultant who has been hired by ABC, Inc. to help solve some problems regarding their next new trainee orientation program. I have been a training consultant for approximately ten years with New Solutions Corporation and enjoy the work I do. I get to travel and meet a variety of different people. Every consulting job seems to be unique.
ABC, Inc. is a well-known manufacturing company in a medium-sized city. A newer campus recruiter, Carl Robins, is responsible for hiring new employees who work on the assembly line. His duties are to advertise for the positions, review resumes and conduct interviews. His first ...view middle of the document...

There were incomplete applications as well as missing transcripts. Another concern was that none of the new employees had been sent to the clinic for their mandatory drug testing. The orientation manuals used during training week had some of the pages missing from many of the manuals Carl checked. The training room, reserved for the week of June 15th, had been double booked. New database software implementation training is scheduled in that room for the whole month of June.
* I am responsible for finding the best solution for everyone involved. Brainstorming solutions is a big part of my consulting responsibility. There is usually a time constraint associated with the issue I’m hired to help resolve. Once the best solution has been determined, I need to put it into motion as soon as possible.
* The easiest solution overall is to postpone the training for a month while we gather the missing information from the new hires and schedule the drug tests. However, I don’t feel that it is the best solution. Monica would be quite unhappy. She needs these employees to start at the scheduled time. Monica would also be leery of future recruiting efforts by Carl and his department. Also, moving the training date could have other implications as well. Some of the newly hired employees are expecting to start on June 15 and start earning their first paycheck. Moving the orientation date could cause them to be unhappy and question whether they made the right decision by taking a position at ABC, Inc. Some of the new employees might look for other employment elsewhere. The need to find additional new hires would only add to the problem I’m trying to help solve.
* The other solution I have shared will be more work, but will gain better results. With some assistance from other people, we can gather the missing information and schedule the drug testing the week I am onsite. There might be a few outstanding items yet to gather the week before the training depending on the availability of the clinic and the new employees’ schedules. Everyone involved will need to be flexible with their time. The orientation training manual copies were completed by a vendor named Right Copies. I could have Carl contact the vendor, explain the issue and request that the manual copy order be completed again as soon as possible. Since this was an issue at the vendor, I hope they would happily comply and rush the corrected order.
* I also need to address the problem regarding the double scheduling of the training room. Since Joe, from technology services, has the training room for the whole month of June I really can’t ask him to make any changes to his schedule. We can check to see if the company has any other training rooms that will accommodate the number of trainees and the dates of the training. I could also look into training room options outside of company’s building. In the city, there are hotels with conference centers as well as other facilities that...

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