Case Study Analysis 2 Of Coach K: A Matter Of The Heart And Coach Knight: The Will To Win

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Case Study Analysis 2 of Coach K: A Matter of the heart and Coach Knight: The will to win
Valencia Carter
Grand Canyon University

Coach K and Coach Knight both achieved significant success during their college coaching careers. Both coaches possessed the knowledge, skills, and abilities to lead their teams to numerous victories. However, their approaches to this success were very different. Robert Katz and M.D. Mumford identified three skills that leaders should have to ensure their effectiveness and success. Those skills included: technical, human, and conceptual skills. Robert Blake and Jane Mouton developed a leadership grid that indicated behaviors of leaders that were based ...view middle of the document...

Coach Knight conducted specific activities and drills that would ensure the team would be successful. He strongly believed that physical activity or the use of technical skills which involve hands on activity or processes within an organization would guarantee victory (Northouse, p. 44). Creating a plan and a vision for his team, he pushed his players to strive for excellence. This was an example of his use of conceptual skills. However, Coach Knight lacked human skills. He has been criticized for being unconcerned about the feelings, thoughts, and concerns of others. Most people saw him as a tyrant or dictator.
While analyzing the coaches using the Blake Mouton Grid, they are very dissimilar as well. Coach K exhibits the Team leadership results. He is very concerned with results, but is just as concerned about his team and their individual needs. He operates his team with encouragement and motivation for individual and organizational results. The team is driven to produce results and is satisfied or content with his leadership abilities. Yet, Coach Knight identifies with the Authority-compliance management system. He is focused on results by any means necessary. This leadership style is high on results and low on...

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