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Case Study Abc Inc,

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Case Study Analysis
Tiffany Owen
October 14, 2010
Conrad Davies

Carl Robins is currently facing a challenging problem as the new recruiter for ABC, Inc. He had only been employed with the company for six months when he was promothed to this position. He just recently recruited fifteen new trainees, however, it appears that his lack of experience has led to several problems occurring days before the new trainees are supposed to begin training.
Carl Robins is the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. He has only held this new position for the past six months. In early April, Carl successfully recruited fifteen new hires for the company. This was ...view middle of the document...

Carl became very frustrated about the whole situation so he decided to take a walk. When he returned he went to go check out the training room he was scheduled to use for the orientation. When he got to the training room he found Joe, from Technology Services. Joe was in the process of setting up computer terminals. Confused, Carl reviewed the scheduling log. He saw that Joe had also reserved the training room for the entire month of June for computer training seminars for the implementation of the new database software.
At this point, Carl was in a panic. He went back to his office and put his head on his desk. He had to figure out a way to fix this problem so his job is not jeopardized.
Key Problems:
There are many challenging problems that Carl faces. He has about two weeks until the new trainees are supposed to begin training. Several of them have incomplete applications, some have not submitted their transcripts. All of the new trainees have yet to be sent for their mandatory drug screening. Other key problems that Carl faces are that there are only three orientation manuals, which are incomplete, and the training room was double booked for when the new trainees are supposed to begin. These problems show that there is a serious issue of disorganization within the company.
Carl must come up with possible solutions as quickly as possible. He must first get in contact with all of the new trainees to come into his office to complete their applications. The trainees who are missing their transcripts should be advised to bring them in as well, before they come in to complete their application. While waiting for the trainees to arrive he must contact the lab to set up the drug screen for all fifteen trainees. The trainees should be able to go have the screening as soon as their applications are completed, with the results returning within 72 hours.
With the orientation manuals missing important training material, Carl must gather all pages needed to complete the training manual. He should make at least 16 copies so each trainee, including himself, will have one. Last, with the double booking of the training room, Carl must explain the issue to his supervisor. Together they may be able to find another conference room or office to use. If one is unavailable, then the company should rent a room...

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