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Case Study 8.1

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A leader also has to have a vision that he or she can express and implement. A leader must be able to get tone for the people in group or an organization, setting the tone demands that leaders provide structure, clarity norms, build cohesiveness and promote standards of Excellence.
Steve gardener professor provides a good sense of structure for his students by providing the printout of syllabus in first day with telling the same verbally in first class which provides the students as map how to study the course with security, direction and stability.
Jacinta Morgan professor who teaches organizational communication course provides structure as each individual member should contribute to reach the group’s goal which can be compared Synergy as explained in the textbook by ...view middle of the document...

Jacinta Morgan class students have negative feelings for her norms from her group members as she don’t grade every week assignments and she provides grades finally after submitting a final presentation Assignment which makes student feel that she grades only for one big assignment.
Professor Morgan builds cohesiveness naturally by giving students as an opportunity to choose to sink or swim in the class. Where she provides a flat form for students to use laptop, mobiles and they can come and go any time out from the class, students in her class feel as they are discussing with their friends together in groups with Enjoyment.
Professor Gardner’s cohesiveness to his students is associated with increased participation and better interaction between each other individuals in group. Gardner had promoted a good standard of excellence for his class as everyone need to be present and he wants his class to be unique way with providing good reviews after submitting paper , rewards for the paper submitted .
Jacinta Morgan had promoted her standard of Excellence by giving only one chance to prove by submitting assignment after final presentation to get grades and reviewing each paper submitted weekly with comments how to improve which helps students for final assignment where she counts it as for grade and weekly assignments are turned in and counted in as attendance.
I would like to do course with Professor Steve Gardner as he provides a clear picture of the course in his first class what to do? and How to do ?He wants all students to concentrate without any distractions of mobile and laptop which is smartest way to make students left with no choice to get distracted so they can concentrate well in his teaching and interaction between individuals in group will be better than among everyone

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